Monster Hunter: World Receiving Expansion and The Witcher 3 Event

10 Dec 2018

Today, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter: World will be receiving a new, massive DLC expansion in the form of Iceborne. The expansion, which arrives in Autumn of next year will feature new quest ranks, locations, monsters, moves and gear. Iceborne will also feature a brand new narrative which takes place following the story of Monster Hunter: World.

The base game will be required for those wanting to check out all of the new content arriving in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. For those that haven’t had a chance to play yet, Capcom is releasing a free trial for the game on consoles which will launch tomorrow, December 11th, and run until December 17th. Players can try the game out and experience up to 3-star level quests and tackle online multiplayer up to rank 4. Any progress made during the trial can also carry over to the main game.

If that’s not enough, fans of both The Witcher 3 and Monster Hunter: World are in for a second treat with today’s collaboration announcement.

The Witcher 3 will be collaborating with Monster Hunter: World, which will see Geralt of Rivia transported into the world of Monster Hunter. Players will take on the role of Geralt and take on Witcher-inspired quests. These quests will combine gameplay elements of both games.

This event will be part of an update which will come to Monster Hunter: World on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2019 as a free title update with the PC release to follow soon.

This marks the second large collaboration with Monster Hunter: World, following the Final Fantasy XIV event that released back in August of this year.


We reviewed Monster Hunter: World when it released, giving it our first perfect 10 of 2018. You can read the review here.