Mount and Minion Roulette Updates and Other UI Changes Coming With FFXIV Patch 4.5

The Final Fantasy XIV Developer’s Blog has dropped a look at some of the UI updates we can expect when Patch 4.5 drops early next month.

Starting off, both the minion and mount roulettes will see an update, allowing their respective roulette actions to only draw from those the mounts and minions that are selected as your favorite. Gone are the days of repeatedly hitting the mount roulette, only to have your Eggshilaration System come up several times in a row.

Additionally, new transparency settings will be added to the HUD. This will be a great option for those that want to look at their inventory grid on their screen, but maybe don’t want to look at it too much.

Next up, a useful feature for those looking to tackle challenges in their logs each week, players will soon be able to sort their Challenge Log pages by displaying complete, or incomplete tasks.

Lastly, a small adjustment to the in-game timers that were added with the last major update. Previously, the sound that an alarm made was grouped under BGM in the sound settings. This meant that if you turned your BGM down for whatever reason, the alarm sounds would also be affected. Alarm sounds will now be tied to the System Sounds setting and there’s a new sound for initiating a Ready Check.


You can check out the full Developer’s Blog post here, and make sure to tune into the upcoming Letter From the Producer LIVE which will cover even more news for Patch 4.5 on December 21st at 3:00 AM PT