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Patch 4.45 Notes: A Patch of Gold and Fire

6 Nov 2018

Many players have been anticipating the third area in the Eureka series, Eureka Pyros. The fiery scorching lands of Eureka are throwing in a new mechanic, allowing players to cast abilities outside of their natural roles! Along with Hildibrand sidequests and other bits of collectibles, Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.45 offers some shiny new content the community can warmly welcome.

Read the full patch notes are available here.




Eureka Pyros continues on where the story of Eureka Pagos left off and players will have needed to complete the previous section to explore this latest content. This tier of Eureka sees players levelling up to a maximum Elemental level of 50, and will introduce a Logos system which allows places to discover, enhance and produce unique actions that can be used by any class.

The quest “And We Shall Can It Pyros” can be accessed via the NPC Rodney in Kugane after completion of the Eureka Pagos.



The next chapter in Eorzea’s Favourite Inspector arrives, giving us what seemingly appears to be Hildibrand himself making it rain gold! The Inspector is looking to get in to more mischief and this comedic tale from the Far East surely promises to entertain us once again.

The latest Hildibrand quest “The Black Heart Beneath” can be found in Kugane after completing the previous quests in the Hildibrand series.



One of the greatest utility features players have wanted in FFXIV has arrived. The introduction of cloud storage for system settings for individual characters in the game allows players to access their style of gaming from any system they play on in future. This will be an extremely helpful tool for anyone who shares a computer or changes between systems regularly!



Finally, Patch 4.45 brings plenty of new mounts, minions, emotes, hairstyles, triple triad cards, orchestrion rolls and housing items to collect. Be sure to stay updated with the latest information on where to find these, and get ready to farm and collect some fantastic new items!


We sincerely hope everyone enjoys the latest update! Let’s go get some of those Eureka Weapons!