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Theatrhythm All-Star Carnival Adds Exponential Entropy, 'E' Scores Ensue

27 Sep 2018

Earlier today, as part of its second anniversary in Japan, Theatrhythm All-Star Carnival announced several new tracks being added to the game, one of which is Final Fantasy XIV‘s Exponential Entropy.

To say that it’s a challenging song might be putting it lightly as you can see from the video above. Even the man who helped create the song, Masayoshi Soken, came out with an ‘E’ score after taking on the newly added song.

Other songs added to All-Star Carnival include a Final Fantasy Menu arrangement, a Final Fantasy V Menu arrangement, a Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call arrangement, and a new version of JENOVA. You can see video previews of all these tracks over on the All-Star Carnival Twitter page, but unfortunately, unless you know of an arcade near you that happens to have it, it’s only available in Japan.