Announcing the Gamer Escape Merch Store!

22 Sep 2018

We’re excited to announce the unveiling of the Gamer Escape Merch Store! Starting out, we have various items bearing our Gamer Escape and Aetheryte Radio logos, but going forward we hope to add some specialty items (like a shirt design for the upcoming FFXIV Fan Fest). The store is run through CafePress, which means you’ll have all the bells and whistles they provide as far as shipping, returns, guarantees, and the security of knowing that the payment processing is all taken care of by the number one custom print company that has been doing this since 1999. We’ve sampled a number of the items to make sure they match our quality standards and we’ve been extremely pleased with the results and are sure you will be too. 

You can access the store here or by using the new link in our site menu.

So show your support for the site and grab an item today for yourself or a friend, and if we see you wearing our stuff at the upcoming Fan Fest, we might even have a little extra something for you!