Opinion: Final Fantasy XIV Once Again Undermining Player’s Prior Achievements

A couple of weeks ago (right in the middle of PAX West craziness for us), Naoki Yoshida took to the official forums to post about the community reaction to handing out the White Ravens during The Rising 2018.

Although some players were of the opinion that the reward was not an issue, many others voiced their disappointment. And the fact that these players came forth is evidence that we failed to give the matter due consideration.

Our legacy players have memories that are tied to that earlier time─I was reminded that the excitement and pride they experienced in acquiring the White Ravens is bound up in the item itself, regardless of its stats or appearance. I, myself, am the sort of person who separates the experience from the physical reward, but that doesn’t excuse the failure to consider those who feel otherwise. I intend to learn from this lesson moving forward, and continue to develop FFXIV as a game that everyone can enjoy.

This morning, Square Enix announced that the Itinerant Moogle will return again during this year’s TGS. This time however, it will be selling the Scarf of Wondrous Wit– an item that was previously awarded to winners of official contests since 1.x to as recent as the Sea Breeze Celebration screenshot contest held last month. In fact, Square Enix just announced the winners for that contest yesterday, (who had the option of selecting the Scarf as their prize) before announcing late last night, that players would soon be able to buy it from the Itinerant Moogle for a mere 50 gil.

It would seem that in the two weeks since his apology, Yoshida-san and the rest of the Final Fantasy XIV team haven’t learned anything from recent events.

Something that many players suggested for The Rising 2018, was to make the “White Ravens”, the “Replica White Ravens” so that they could be distinguished from the items that people had originally earned. Yoshida, in his forum post even said that this was a good idea, saying that “we now realize our mistake in not making the item a “replica” in the first place.”

It’s greatly disappointing to see that after all of this, Square Enix would immediately follow-up The Rising by allowing the Interant Moogle to sell a contest prize that some players just won, and that others have had for years. It’s even further disappointing to see that this “replica” prefix, which Yoshida-san supports, has seemingly not been added.

Although Yoshida-san is the head of the Final Fantasy XIV machine, could it be that he never even saw this list to give his consideration too in the first place? We know that he doesn’t have eyes on every minute detail (such as the Fashion Report as he told us in our E3 interview). Is this inclusion of the Scarf at the whim of some other developer on the team?

In any case, it would seem that truly, nothing is sacred anymore, and the Final Fantasy XIV team is now sending this message loud and clear to players.