Is This The Name of Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Expansion?

A tweet has begun to make its way around the FFXIV community that was originally made on June 11th. The tweet, from a bot account that lists new trademark filings, posted a filing from Square Enix for “Shadowbringers”.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently in the middle of celebrating the 5th Anniversary of its re-launch, and with that comes myriad messages both in, and out of game. Some of those messages, have mentioned darkness, or twlight, which would fall right in line with the idea of an expansion named Shadowbringers.

Upon completion of The Rising event this year, our dear friend the Wandering Minstrel sings to us, this-

O hero of rebirth traversing,
Soar you the azure skies.
Upon your breast a crimson crest,
Shine Light down from on high.

O hero of rebirth transcending,
Weave you an azure lie.
By your deeds doth crimson bleed,
And Darkness quench the fire.

Additionally, Tales from the Storm, a collection of short follow-up stories for some of the heroes in Final Fantasy XIV ends Estinien’s tale as such:

Thus did Estinien’s journey come to an end─a journey which had seen him revisit the past and in so doing find a future. His lifelong battle having reached its true conclusion, he could finally begin anew. None can say whither his road will lead, whether the skies that greet him will be the striking blue of day, the blazing crimson of dusk, or the deepening black of twilight. Yet wheresoever he should find himself, one thing is certain: he will ever wield his lance for man and dragon both.

And lastly, is a currently running theory that each expansion is corresponding to a time of the day.

A Realm Reborn: Light – Dawn
Heavensward: Azure – Day
Stormblood: Crimson – Evening

Shadowbringers: Shadow – Twilight would fit well into that theory.


What do you think? Could Final Fantasy XIV 5.0 be Shadowbringers? We’ll find out in November at the Fan Fest in Las Vegas so until then, we’ll continue to speculate, speculate, speculate.