Opinion: Square Enix Downplays Legacy Players’ Achievements. Again.

As Legacy players of Final Fantasy XIV will remember, Square Enix strongly implied that certain items obtainable in version 1.x would be special, unable to be obtained ever again.

Back in April of 2015 however, they decided to go back on that idea, and the Moonlet, an earring only available during the Hunter’s Moon event in 1.x, was made available on the Mog Station for $3.

Now today, Square Enix has announced The Rising, the Anniversary event celebrating five years of FFXIV 2.0. However with this event, Square Enix is once again dedicated to downplaying the achievements of its Legacy players. With The Rising this year, players will have the opportunity to obtain two earrings that were previously obtainable by accomplishing special tasks in the game’s original version.

The Manderville Earrings

The Manderville Earrings were originally obtained by completing Hildibrand’s 1.x quests.

The White Ravens

The White Ravens were obtained by defeating Nael van Darnus in his hard mode fight-the hardest fight of Final Fantasy 1.x.

As a 1.x player myself, I never obtained The White Ravens. I didn’t have a group to run it with at the time, and it has always been a regret of mine, along with some of the Legacy Achievements. I am, however, also a bit happy that I now have an opportunity to obtain them… while at the same time, being quite frustrated and disappointed. These items from 1.x were supposed to be special for players. Square Enix has decided to thank some of its most dedicated players, who earned these trophy items, by telling them “It’s been 5 years, no one cares anymore, your accomplishments aren’t worth anything.”

What’s next? Giving people access to the Dalamud Horn achievement? Letting anyone be able to have the Legacy back tattoo? Allowing players to buy the Legacy Chocobo off the Mog Station? Where does this end?

At the very least, they should rename these event items (and preferably all Mog Station items) with a “replica” prefix. I can get behind the idea of wanting to make old items obtainable again, but you need to give those players, who dedicated their time, support, and money to the game when these items were first available, to be able to keep something from that time without yanking it away from them.