The Moogle Post Splits in Two After Allegations

As many in the community are aware, over the past couple of weeks, The Moogle Post – a fan made e-magazine dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV, has been embroiled in scandal. The scandal itself has been well documented in our community, as well as in the larger gaming community, and we will not, and need not, document the various allegations that have been made against the founder and (now former) Editor-in-Chief of The Moogle Post. The allegations of abuse from inside The Moogle Post have divided both their community and staff – and such divisions led to confusing statements and behavior. Throughout all of this, we here at Gamer Escape, as well as members of the Final Fantasy XIV Content Creators group have been in touch with members of their community as they do their best to determine their way forward.

The Moogle Post has now divided into two separate groups.
  • With the founder and former Editor-in-Chief of The Moogle Post having formally stepped aside, those remaining at The Moogle Post are looking to continue the project without his involvement. You can find their new Discord server here.
  • A group of former volunteers for The Moogle Post have started a new and separate community, currently nicknamed Project Chocobo, where they will pursue a new social and creative outlet. For more information, you can find their Discord server here.
Separate but directly related to the above – and to be perfectly clear – we at Gamer Escape reject in the strongest possible terms any and all forms of harassment, manipulation, discrimination and abuse – whether mental, physical, sexual, or otherwise. Whether large or small, legal or illegal, and whether perpetrated on one person or many. Our Gamer Escape community, and the the larger Final Fantasy XIV community, should strive to be a model of tolerance to which others aspire. There is no place for abuse or bullying of any kind, and none should be acceptable. If you or someone you know is being harassed, bullied or abused in game or outside of the game, reach out to them and support them. We all come to this game from different places (physically, emotionally, socially) and with different backgrounds, but we have coalesced here because we love to play this game with this community. Treat others as you want to be treated and keep the community a place where everyone is not only respected, but safe.