E3 2018 Hands-on: Arca's Path

24 Jun 2018

Developed by Dream Reality Interactive, and published by Rebellion, Arca’s Path is easily the most serene VR game we’ve played to date.  With your VR headset of choice – and only a headset – you guide a 3-dimensional octagon (or perhaps it was was a decagon) through a maze, passed checkpoints, and to the end.  Think a marble maze in VR, or perhaps more akin to Perplexus given the 3-dimensional nature.  

The game itself seems pretty basic, although the E3 demo was certainly just the opening levels, but the real noteworthy parts of this game are the controls and the atmosphere, which go hand-in-hand.

You control the direction and speed of the ball with just small movements of your head.  A small indicator appears on the screen and the ball moves towards it, its speed depending on how far ahead of the ball you place the indicator.  That’s all.  Your hands and body can totally relax.  The relaxation element is furthered by the zen-like atmosphere.  At least in the early stages, your are greeted with pastel colors and serene music. 

Navigate the maze, don’t fall off the path, and get to the end.  Advance and navigate elevators, ramps, and other obstacles.  Simple, but enjoyable nonetheless. 

Arca’s Path shows that VR games can fit into different genres and appeal to a wide variety of gamers. It is coming soon to all major VR headsets and will appeal to those looking for something a little different.  We were itching to keep going after the brief demo.  Pricing information has not yet been disclosed.