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New FFXIV Merch Coming of Everyone's Favorite Dragoon

12 Jun 2018

Earlier this morning, Square Enix’s EU online store posted pages for two new pieces of FFXIV merchandise that are sure to make Dragoons around the world, like myself, incredibly excited. These items, have since been taken down, indicating that we’ll most likely see the reveal during this morning’s Live Letter at E3.

Luckily, Twitter user Finaland_ managed to grab images of the products before they were removed.

First off, is a small bust of Estinien: 

Secondly, we have a Bring Arts figure which comes with a Gae Bolg as well as an eye from a certain dragon:


A member of our Discord server, Arufinos, managed to grab this picture from the page- showing that both items are part of a single set, that is currently listed at €67.49.