Quick-Look: FFXV Royal Pack and Windows Edition

Earlier this month, Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition- which included the base game, the season pass DLC, and a new batch of content called the Royal Pack. The Windows Edition was also released, which includes the same content.

We checked out both the Royal Pack DLC as well as spent some time with the Windows Edition of the game. Read on to see what we thought!

The Royal Edition’s biggest addition is the expanded map for the Insomnia City Ruins. This helps to draw out the final area of the game by adding in a few more story elements, a quest hub, and new bosses. They’ve added in a bunch of new bosses such as Cerberus and the Rulers of Yore which can be encountered while doing the story missions. Omega however, is an optional boss, and it will definitely take some time to defeat. The new Armiger Unleashed action that you can acquire from somewhere in the world is almost a requirement for defeating Omega- this new action essentially lets you “go nuts” with Noctis’ Armiger, dishing out some crazy damage.

After the release of the episodic character DLC, the additions to Insomnia feel like a nice compliment in a game where you’re now able to switch off and play as Gladio, Prompto and Ignis during battle. The Royal Pack gives them each a new accessory and gives them a little moment to shine during the final battles of the game.

Being able to go back out on the open water aboard the Royal Vessel boat is a decent addition with the Royal Pack, however for those that didn’t get sucked into Final Fantasy XV’s fishing, it’s probably not worth a closer look. It’s a neat feeling to be able to take the boat from Galdin Quay into Altissia, but other than that the addition of the boat feels a bit lacking. This would have been the perfect opportunity to let us go to Angelgard, or really, add any kind of secret island that is only accessible with by boat.

So the question at the end of the day that everyone is asking… Is Final Fantasy XV’s Royal Pack worth buying?

If you love Final Fantasy XV and have been sticking with it through all of the updates since its release and picked up the season pass to experience all of the DLC then absolutely… though if that’s the case, the chances are good that you already bought it. If you enjoyed the season pass content, the Royal Pack is probably worth a purchase since it nicely compliments the character DLC with new scenes and accessories that directly cater to playing as the other party members. However, If you picked up FFXV at launch, beat it, and haven’t touched it since, the Royal Pack at $15 simply doesn’t have enough in it to justify getting back into the game.

Now, what about the Windows Edition of the game that also released?

Simply put, the PC version of Final Fantasy XV is absolutely gorgeous. The addition of Nvidia’s technology to increase the quality of the hair and grass in the game are amazing additions. (for me, the pixelated hair in the console release drove me absolutely crazy). 

I’ve been looking for a reason to re-play Final Fantasy XV after having some chapters in the game changed, DLC episodes added etc. I’ve wanted to go through the game while being able to pull up these changes in one go as opposed to having to play them after I had already beaten the game as I did when it was first released. The Windows Edition gives me the perfect opportunity to replay FFXV while also giving me the best version of the game.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition also has the opportunity for mods, with the game already having some additions into the Steam Workshop. It’s still early for mods, but there’s no question that this could open up the game to some crazy and awesome things. Now we just need a mod that easily weaves the character based DLC into the main story without having to go in and out of the menus.

If you haven’t played Final Fantasy XV yet, or have been wanting to replay the game with all of its updates and DLC, the Windows Edition is a must buy.

Square Enix provided us with copies of the Royal Pack (PS4) and the Windows Edition.