Ys: Memories of Celceta Heading to PC

XSeed Games has been on a roll in the past couple years in bringing their titles to PC gamers. The JRPG genre often feels forgotten and neglected on PC, but XSeed, along with a few other studios and publishers, have been doing their best to turn that outlook around.

Even amongst the various publishers bringing their games over, XSeed has definitely won my attention for the amount of work and passion they put into their conversions. Rather than simple ports, many of their PC releases go above and beyond each game’s original format, with the ports of the Trails of Cold Steel series being a particular highlight (and you can expect our review on the PC port of Cold Steel II to be coming here very soon).

Just a short while ago, XSeed took to their Twitch channel with a teased “mystery announcement,” which has now been officially announced as a PC release for 2013’s Ys: Memories of Celceta. In a press release published at the same time as their stream, the publishers mentioned a few general things that can be expected of the port, such as a variety of High-Def resolutions, an unlocked framerate, and fully customizable control bindings.

The amount of graphical customization available in XSeed’s Cold Steel ports were near-on PC gaming enthusiast level, and as such, I’m definitely hoping Celceta will be getting the same treatment. As one of my personal favorite entries in the series (and one of the earliest reviews I wrote here at Gamer Escape), I’ll be looking forward to seeing how well this previously Vita-exclusive title translates to PC.

Screenshot courtesy of XSeed Games.