Square Enix Investigating Reports Regarding FFXIV Squadron Limit Break Bug

Last night, Final Fantasy XIV underwent an emergency maintenance.

This maintenance was to fix a bug where the Limit Break Ungarmax, (which is only accessible while doing dungeons with your Squadron), was able to be used in other content via a macro.

The information regarding Ungarmax made its way around various channels yesterday, however some players say they reported the bug nearly four months ago when Adventurer Squadrons were first introduced.

Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida posted on the forums discussing the maintenance, and mentioned they’ll be talking with teams in both NA and EU to see if this was in fact reported months ago, and why it didn’t make it through the proper channels.

This is Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of FFXIV.
Allow me to provide updates on the current situation here.

There is various other information on external websites that is causing confusion, but it was in fact late last night (Japanese time) that the development team – myself included – learned of this bug, in the same way as many others did.

Regardless of how and why, at the same time as confirming the truth of what is written on the other websites, we consider this a highly urgent bug and made preparations to fix it promptly. That was what the Emergency Maintenance earlier was for. Apologies that the information as to why was delayed.

The bug has been fixed, and the action is no longer usable in content other than what it is meant for. 
We are currently continuing to communicate with the NA and EU teams as there is an issue with time difference, but are proceeding accordingly to confirm the below points:

  • Whether or not the comment written on the external website reporting that “it was reported to the GM team four months ago” is true or not.
  • If it was, then why was the issue not reported accordingly back then.
  • Identify the amount of characters that are “assumed to have intentionally used” this action for incorrect means.

The bug, that has now been fixed, could have occurred accidentally by the incorrect use of a macro that had been put in place for the standard use of the action in some exact conditions if they were met by chance. Therefore, we will be careful in our decision as to who used it deliberately. 

In order for the research into this to be done, keeping in mind the issue of time difference, we ask for your time and patience on this.

We will be in touch upon gathering and summing up the necessary information, including what needs to be done going forward to prevent this issue occurring again. 

We sincerely apologize for this bug and the time taken to fix it.
Thank you for your patience until we send the next notification on this matter.