Final Fantasy XV Demo and Half-Life Pack Announced

Today, Square Enix announced that a demo will be coming for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

This demo, which can be downloaded through Steam, Origin, and the Microsoft Store will be available on February 26th.

Square Enix also announced a special bonus today for those that purchase the game through Steam before May 1st.

That’s right! It’s a Half-Life pack! (insert Half-Life 3 jokes here). The set includes an HEV suit, glasses, and of course, a Crowbar. This pack is available in the main game as well as the FFXV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades.


Additionally, for those looking at picking up the game through the Microsoft Store- save data will be compatible with your Xbox One version of the game. Cross-play for Comrades will also be added later in a post-launch patch.

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Demo and Half-Life Pack Announced

  1. I need this to be available for the PS4 version so I can put glasses on Noct o.o

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