Letter From the Producer LIVE Part XLII Summary

Early this morning, Square Enix held another Letter from the Producer LIVE. Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida answered player questions and gave us an in-game look at Eureka.

Towards the end of the stream, they brought on Sound Director Masayoshi Soken who had quite the news to reveal! 

You can check out the summary from the official forums below as well as a few images that we’ve added.

Scorpion Harness & Strider Boots /cough

Q1: After the patch went live, the instances were congested which made it very difficult to participate. Are you considering plans to move the instanced battles to the end of the quest line, or any counter-measures to mitigate the congestion?

A1: We apologize that we had to undergo emergency maintenance on the day of the patch release. 

We encountered a similar issue previously which led to the same congestion issue occuring during quest instanced battles. We had measures in place for it; however, a human error occurred as well that caused the issue.

As we would like for many people to enjoy the story, we made adjustments and worked up until the very last minute, but it’s very important to be able for everyone to play it, so we’ll be sure to carefully balance this moving forward. 

The structure of the main scenario quest is tied in with the flow of the scenario, so we can’t always move the instanced battles towards the end, but we will continue to make measures for the congestion.

Q2: While there were adjustments for all three tank jobs we still think that paladin is the most efficient of the three. Will there be increases to warrior and dark knight’s support abilities and DPS?

A2: Party support abilities are aspects of the job’s identity, so we won’t make everything exactly the same. Also, we believe warriors are very strong right now.

Q3: The Blackest Night adjustment for dark knight was nice; however, I feel that the effect of Dark Passenger and Shadow Wall are still low compared to the MP cost and length of the recast time. I would like to see dark knight’s defensive properties expanded.

A3: It feels like we’ve been receiving more requests to adjust the other jobs since the latest warrior adjustment.

We believe the balance within each of the roles are starting to be even out, so we’re currently discussing to see how we can make adjustment to dark knight. Please wait a bit longer.

Content is balanced around recast times of the buffs. So we don’t think that jobs will be strengthened simply by reducing the recast timers. We would like to carefully look into this.

Q4: For tank accessories, I believe it’s much more useful to meld Direct Hit onto the new crafted accessories than using accessories obtained from the new tokens and Savage raid. Are there any plans to adjust the stats on the accessories in the future? 

A4: I believe the issue here is that the first groups of players trying to complete the raids quickly are in favor of pushing their DPS. Once they obtain Savage accessories, we don’t think they will need that much DPS. We met players at the event today that suggested to make it so you can’t meld Direct Hit on them. While I understand the comments on this will be spit, we’re carefully discussing this right now.

Q5: Do you have any plans to buff support abilities for jobs that didn’t receive any update in Patch 4.2, such as samurai and red mage? 

A5: We have no plans to make any adjustment to red mage at this time. Since we buffed monk, players are asking for some type of buff for samurai, so we’re thinking of making adjustments that will push their DPS to match their job concept.

Q6: After the recent changes, black mage became much smoother to play! I think we just need support abilities to complete the adjustment, but do you have any plans to add any, or make adjustments to do this?

A6: We believe everyone is focusing on their main job; however, we’re making sure the experience when playing the jobs are different. At the very least, we have no plans to add any new support abilities in the 4.x series. Also, there seems to be a trend where players believe they are at a disadvantage when they bring certain jobs to raids, but there won’t be any major disadvantage or advantage no matter what setup you have.

Q7: Do you have plans to add a system that would allow gear converted to glamour to be used using the previous glamour method without the use of a plate? 

A7: We’re currently receiving a lot of calls to our Support Center from players saying they converted the wrong gear. Converted gear aren’t gone completely, they can still be used as glamour. 

We may change or adjust the point on how it cannot be used as normal gear; however, there’s still the issue about inventory size, so we haven’t decided on this yet. 

We’re also developing a system that’ll allow glamouring directly using the items stored inside the dresser.

Q8: Do you have plans to increase the amount of items that can be stored inside the glamour dresser, or add more glamour plates? 

A8: This will increase the amount of data passed through the network, so we’re discussing where we can increase and make this possible. To increase the areas in which the plates can be applied, or to increase the amount of plates, we need to choose one, and we’re currently thinking to increase the number of plates available. 

We’re carefully looking at everyone’s data, so we would like to make adjustments while maintaining a good balance.

Q9: You’re able to participate in the Fashion Report from level 15, but is it possible to get a high score with just low level gear? 

A9: We would like Fashion Report to be the reason to start glamouring. You may think there’s no point in getting higher than 80 points, but for new players who just started their adventure, we would like them to feel that they’ll be able to enjoy glamouring as their levels increase.

Q10: When will fishers receive a new secondary tool? Compared to other Disciples of the Land, their stats are lower because of the secondary tool. I’m looking forward to a secondary tool with strong stats.

A10: Fishers are set up in a special way. We haven’t added any attributes to their secondary tool, and haven’t included this as part of their balancing. As for why they have GP, the durability of their gear will drop when they fish, and so to compensate for this, we have added the GP.

Q11: Would it be possible to add optional items, such as Yda or Aymeric’s outfit to the armoire or Calamity Salvager? 

A11: Calamity Salvagers check the character’s achievements, so we cannot do this. For this reason, we’re looking to address this via the armoire, but we believe it’ll take some time, so please wait a bit more.

Q12: The dye information is lost when storing items in the armoire, making it hard to store items that are dyed rare colors. Would it be possible to retain the dye information for items stored inside the armoire?

A12: FFXIV is making adjustments in bits. We cannot add additional space to the system to store the dye information, so we cannot do this.

Q13: Cutscenes can no longer be skipped in Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium main scenario dungeons to accommodate for new players. Are there any other dungeons or trials that are scheduled to be adjusted like this?

A13: We stopped including cutscenes within content, so we don’t feel we need to make further changes. We think the reward for Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium aren’t balanced enough, so we’re planning to enhance the rewards.

Q14: In the Jade Stoa (Extreme), there’s a strategy where you use the tank limit break to ignore through the Roar of Thunder, but did the dev. team plan for this strategy?

A14: We did not foresee this. Similar to the great strategy for the meteor phase in the Second Coil of Bahamut – Turn 4, this was something the players created on their own, so we think this is good as-is. However, if you’re going to use tank limit break, make sure to discuss with your group beforehand.

There’s a rumor where people believe warriors playing on an SSD have an advantage inside Omega: Sigamascape v1.0 (Savage). Using and SSD or not doesn’t change anything. The loading time is adjusted so they’re loaded the same. It’s just the timing.

Q15: How do you feel about the current progression of Omega: Sigmascape and what was originally assumed by the development team?

A15: Just like Omega: Deltascape, we see many players challenging it. For those that completed the previous Savage v4.0 they may feel the progressions is slower, but it’s only the second week, so don’t rush and enjoy it.

Q16: The characters really stood out in the Ananta beast tribe quests, which made it really fun. I’m looking forward to the next beast tribe quest series, but will we see Namazu or Lupin?

A16: The next beast tribe will be Disciples of Land/Hand specific. Popular characters will be involved and we believe it’ll be exciting. You may see some characters that were involved in the main scenario as well, so please look forward to it!

Q17: For Triple Triad, even if we’re able collect rare cards, because there are limitations for the card set up, we are limited to the cards we can use. Would you consider easing up on these limitations?

A17: We’re discussing making some more adjustments, so please wait a bit more.

Q18: The number of minions have increased, and it can be quite difficult to find the minion I would like to summon. I would like to see some adjustments made, such as making tabs for each type to make it easier to find the minion! 

A18: We’re having the UI team look into this, and we’re considering some type of adjustment. If you have any ideas or suggestion, please leave some feedback on the forums.

Q19: It’s become difficult to complete various large-scale FATEs because the number of participants has decreased. Do you have any plans to give incentives to players by adding rewards, or adjusting the strength of the boss? 

A19: We have no plans to add rewards, and planning to make adjustment to their strength.

Q20: When can we exchange 99 totems to obtain mounts from Susano and Lakshmi extreme?

A20: I would like to know this too. I have instructed the team to do it by Patch 4.25.

Q21: Do you have plans to introduce mounts that seat four to eight players?

A21: We may implement this sometime in the future.

Q22: Do you have plans to expand on the stats of the chocobo companion? I would like to see my companion be more active, similar to Alpha. 

A22: The companion system is very complicated, and we’re asking for more time to introduce additions and adjustments.

Q23: It’s starting to become difficult to find new emotes in the long list of all of them. Would it be possible to make it visually easier to find them, such as adding “New!” next to them? 

A23: We’re talking with the UI team to see if we can sort them.

Q24: Could you let us know the status of the mobile app? 

A24: We’re looking into releasing it by Patch 4.3, and we hope to show this in a future Letter from the Producer Live. The app is tied to in-game using a large-scale server, so we’re carefully preparing the final tests.


Q25: You mentioned there are features to strengthen weapons inside the Forbidden Land of Eureka, but I would like to know how this will be done. 

* The following is an overview from the information presented during the show. 

The Forbidden Land of Eureka is an unexplored, untamed wild where the very elements are constantly in flux. While exploring Eureka and growing in strength, players will have the opportunity to obtain and enhance Eureka gear and weapons.

Strengthening the weapons from Eureka isn’t required to keep exploring. 

Up to 144 players can occupy the instance, so think of this as a new field area.

Players may form and disband parties with other players at will.

Player Progression
Players will utilize a new feature known as the Magia Melder. 

Eureka will continue to expand during the 4.x series, and the level cap for the elemental levels will also increase.

Elemental EXP
Elemental EXP is experience points that can only be earned inside Eureka. 

The more players you have in your group, the more that the EXP you earn will decrease; however, in exchange you’ll be able to get chain bonus. You’re also able to earn experience points solo as well. 

The Magia Board and Magicite
Think of it as adding elemental properties to yourself for battle. 

The Elemental Aspects of Enemies
Enemies encountered in the Forbidden Land, Eureka are imbued with powers aspected to a particular element. 

By strengthening the thunder element, your damage against water-based enemies will increase, and by strengthening the water element, you’ll have a greater defense against water-based attacks. 

Penalties incurred when KO’d
When players are KO’d and their time runs out causing them to be warped back, they will lose elemental EXP. However, if they are revived by another player before this, they will not suffer the penalty.

(We showcased gameplay of The Forbidden Land of Eureka on the development server.)

In order to enter Eureka, you must talk to the NPC “Rodney” in Kugane.
You can also check the Magia board here.

There is also an Aetheryte in Eureka, and the whole place is a unique field area.
You’ll also encounter familiar NPCs such as Gerolt and Krile. We hope you’re looking forward to seeing why they’re actually there.

There are repair shops and shops that sells consumable items that are useful within the area as well.

Although it was sunny in Eureka during the preview, the weather is often bad due to the existence of untamed wild elementals. 
You also cannot mount up until the exploration is completed.

The attributes of monsters can be confirmed by targeting them. Basically you should choose the advantageous attributes for yourself when comparing the attributes of the enemy. You can select attributes by rotating the Magia board for a predetermined number of times. There is a cost required to rotate the board, and it will recover over time. You can also recover this cost by touching the Magia Melder located at base. In addition, the Magia Melder can adjust how many Magicites are assigned to each attribute. Depending on your plans, you can choose whether to assign a certain attribute heavily or assign them all evenly.

Monsters in Eureka will follow you for a much longer distance compared to the regular monsters that you encounter outside Eureka. Since you will receive a large amount of damage from enemies whose elemental level is higher than yourself, it is quite difficult to shake them off. 

Notorious monsters may appear under certain conditions and these monsters will drop rare items. The contribution to the fight works the same way as FATEs so it doesn’t mean you must land your attack before others.

Player search inside Eureka is also available. Since it is possible turn on a “looking for party” status, you can use it to group up with players with similar elemental levels as yourself on the spot.

Rewards in the Forbidden Land, Eureka
There are Eureka gear and weapons. 

While exploring Eureka, players may obtain protean crystals. These crystals may be used to obtain and enhance Eureka gear and weapons gradually with the aid of Gerolt. 

We’re planning to change the play style as we introduce later versions of Eureka. 

Players can use the player search feature to search players within Eureka. 

By changing the players online status to seeking party, players close to your level will be displayed, and you can invite them to parties. You may also shout to form parties, use the player search feature, or proactively form parties to play this content. 

Players will receive AF3 (job-specific equipment) weapons with special effects, and gear that are dyeable as a reward. We also have gear which we received requests to remove role restrictions from. 

We initially pushed back the release of Eureka to Patch 4.25 so it can be played once everyone has nearly completed gathering their token gear and defeated the raids.


Q26: About food… We have a shortage on octopus in the game, and I’m not able to make takoyaki…

A26: We’ll make adjustments so you can fish up more octopus.

Q27: Do you have plans to introduce mannequins as a furnishing? 

A27: We’re working toward the implementation of mannequins. If it’s just to put it inside the house as a decoration, it would be easy to do, but we’re making adjustments so that you can dress the mannequins.

Q28: Do you have plans to add any Alpha merchandise? 

A28: We should have some plans… You’ll find out more about Alpha in the story later, so please look forward to it.

Q29: Would it be possible to load locations from old content to use with group pose?

A29: If you’re asking to load the locations you visited in the past as a background, we currently have no plans for this; however, we would like to make it possible to add locations that you were able to visit only once.

Q30: Would it be possible to play old FF games from the toy box? 

A30: Systematically it may not be impossible; however, there are rights related matters, so I cannot promise anything, but will look into this. 

Personally, I would like to do something for game titles such as Return to Ivalice, which are hard to play on current systems.

Q31: In the past you mentioned that when you made the music for Costa Del Sol, you put some breath mints inside an empty cup noodle container and shook that to make the sound. I would like to know if there were any other unique stories similar to this one! 

A31: From 4.0, there have been lots of tribal-like instruments, and there’s an NPC in Azim Steppe that is playing the matouqin. For this sound I used an old Japanese stringed instrument called kokyu and tweaked the sound a bit.

Q32: I would like to know the lyrics for the Jade Stoa. 

A32: Soken, Koji Fox, and Shirasugi worked together to make the song. 
*We shared the lyrics on the stream. 

The Japanese lyrics were written by the Lore team, Oda for the Japanese lyrics, and Koji wrote the English lyrics.

Q33: I really liked the arranged versions of the FFVI songs featured in Omega: Sigmascape. Could you please let us know what kind of difficulties you had, or anything you were particular about? 

A33: This was much more difficult than making a new song. We had to look into the time it took for the battle to see how long the song should be arranged for. 

We made sure to make the songs true to their original versions, while arranging it to match the current generation.

Q34: I like the song which plays in the Ananta beast tribe quest. What did you have in mind when creating this song? 

A34: Soken: My colleague made it… so I don’t know. Please ask her! (laughs)

Q35: The steam whistle sound used by the Phantom Train from Sigmascape V1.0, is that the real sound?

A35: Many of the sounds in FFXIV are recorded by a company that records sounds from real life. The whistle sound is the actual sound, and we combined several whistles together for the effect.

Q36: When are you planning to release the Stormblood soundtrack? I’m looking forward to it! 

A36: I believe we can make it by sometime this summer. But there’s so much it won’t fit on a disc already… We’re trying hard to make it fit in one disc.

Q37: I would like to play 4.0 songs with a piano. Do you have plans to release the piano score? 

A37: So far we’ve released two piano scores for FFXIV, but they’re sold out and hard to get. The demand for them have increased since we introduced the Performance feature, so we decided to restock on them.

The music sheets are made so it’s easy for those who are beginners or intermediate, so I believe it should be easy to use with the Performance feature.

Q38: I like the Metal song from Alexander. Do you have plans to add hard rock songs similar to this one in future trials and raids? 

A38: That’s really dependent on the type of content that will be released in-game.

Q39: (Question for Soken) What are your musical roots? Who is your favorite musician?

A39: I’m not sure about the roots, but both my parents were creating music, so it’s probably from there. As for my favorite musician, I like Rage Against the Machine and Cymbals. I love rock music and I love classical music as well.

Q40: Thanks for changing the music for the Alte Roite mount! Please let me know if you have plans to change any of the other mount music. Also, do you have plans to add more variations for the general mount music? 

A40: I understand there’s a request to change the BGM from the general ones, but for those that may have split opinions on which BGM to use, we use the general one. 

The amount of data we can apply to mount BGM is also becoming very tight, so it would be difficult to answer all the requests, but we’re considering them based on everyone’s feedback, so please be sure to let us know!

Q41: I love the orchestra concert! Do you have any plans to do a live concert for the PRIMALS as well? 

A41: We’ll have our very own CD album! (We haven’t had a CD release yet!) We also have plans to do a Zepp tour. Ticket sales will begin after the show, from midnight JST. (First come, first served basis for reservations) Afterwards, the lottery based reservation will begin through online retailers from Friday, February 23.

The Eorzean Symphony orchestra concert for our North American and European players has been finalized! The concert will be held in Los Angeles, California and Dormund, Germany. For Los Angeles, we’ll be performing at the Dolby Theatre known for hosting the Academy Awards!

We’ll follow-up with ticket sales information in the future!

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