Quick-Look: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Steam)

This week, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age launched on Steam.

While almost identical to the games’ previous release on the PlayStation 4 (see our review here), the PC version does offer a few extra bells and whistles.

Those most noticeable of these is the option to run the game at 60FPS, making this the smoothest looking version of the game. The other option that for obvious reasons wasn’t available in the PlayStation 4 release is the ability to use ultra-wide monitors, which also allows you to run the game across three monitors if your setup allows it.

The Steam version also allows for New Game Plus and Minus from the start. Those that picked up the PlayStation 4 copy of the game received a code to unlock the soundtrack version of the games’ score in-game- that’s already included in the Steam version. There’s also a few cheats to help newcomers to the series, or those re-playing the game that allow you to max out your License Points and Gil.

Last but not least, the game comes with full controller support and of course, Steam Trading Cards.

I was hesitant to jump back into Final Fantasy XII having only just played it in July, however, I was surprised how quickly the game sucked me back in after loading it up and configuring my mouse and keyboard settings (which I now actually prefer instead of a traditional controller). Using the speed options in the game really lets you blow through the opening of the game in no time at all and before I realized it, I was once again looking up various recommendations for job combinations online. Without having intended to play through this game again, it sunk its claws back in and now I find myself looking forward to playing more of the game on PC.

Overall, the features of the Steam release aren’t vastly different to warrant picking up the game a second time if you’ve already picked it up on PlayStation 4. However, if you’re one of those players that need to have a game running at 60FPS, have an ultra wide or multi-monitor setup to utilize, or are someone that has yet to dive into the world of Ivalice, this is absolutely the best version of Final Fantasy XII around.

Square Enix provided us with a code of this title for hands-on purposes.