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New Images For FFXIV Patch 4.2

25 Jan 2018

Today, Square Enix updated the Patch 4.2 special site to include a batch of new images of some of the things we’ll see in next week’s patch.

You can check all of them out in the gallery below.

Omega: Sigmascape

The ancient and enigmatic weapon Omega is poised to advance its “experiment” to the next stage. The “Sigmascape” awaits! Can the Warrior of Light conquer the formidable subjects lurking within this new test world?

Main Scenario

Thanks to the Warrior of Light’s heroic deeds and Raubahn’s long-awaited return, Ala Mhigo continues its steady march towards recovery. Yet there is no rest for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, for the winds of trouble are blowing from the Far East, where an unexpected spark threatens to set the kindling of chaos ablaze. Can Doma survive the brewing firestorm to welcome the light of the new day?

The Four Lords: Byakko

Legend tells of a peerless samurai who, at the behest of a king, ventured forth to drive a host of oni into the sea. Yet for all his strength, Tenzen could not do this alone, and so he turned to the Four Lords─greatest of the auspices─for assistance. Together they succeeded, and afterwards journeyed west, far from the realms of men, to live out their days in solitude. A faerie tale, perhaps…but often in such tales a kernel of truth can be found.

New Hairstyles and Emotes

These new hairdos are bound to leave an impression!
Express yourself with these new gestures and poses!
Be the envy of your fellow adventurers with these adorable wind-up toys.

Allagan Tomestone of Mendacity Equipment and new Crafting Recipes

A new variety of tomestone opens the way to powerful gear.
Take the market by storm with an assortment of new crafting recipes!

Duty Record Feature

The “Duty Recorder” is a new feature which allows you to document duties for viewing at a later date. Playback controls include speed adjustment and chapter selection, as well as the option to switch the camera’s point of view between characters, providing you with a powerful tool for refining battle strategies or simply capturing that perfect action screenshot.