Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Translation and Summary

The last Letter from the Producer LIVE before Patch 4.2 is here- and we’re positively Dancing Mad over the details!

Final Fantasy 4.2 Rise of a New Sun will arrive on Januarty 30th with a 24 hour maintenance before hand.

Now, let’s get into all of the exciting details!

The following translation of the Live Letter was provided by iluna minori over on the /r/ffxiv discord.

You can see the officially released information on the official forums here.

Welcome to the 41st PLL!
Trailer on going now

Greetings from Yoshida and Foxclon! They start off by explaining how the new style of trailer works. Apparently it’s based off of feedback from the western fanbase (if the trailer is too long then people won’t watch it the whole way through apparently, so they shortened it up to get all of the important parts in.) Followed by a small talk about the new Glamour Dresser thing, and the t-shirt Yoshida is wearing. Yoshida apparently had to go through a few media interviews to see whether they should be published or not, and he had to correct a few of them.

Happy New Year greetings from Yoshida. This is his 4th year of strolling around serers during the New Year. He’s taking consideration of how he “failed” during last year’s, he did a lot of changing of plans on how he should spend the new year with fans and rounded the whole region and servers.

Now, here comes the official opening of the 41st Live Letter! (Asking viewers if they have problems with streaming or anything, to talk to the staff in Twitter to let them know.)

Patch 4.2 will release on January 30th, 2018! He will talk in detail about Housing during this live letter. Also, maintenance for the patch will be for 24 hours! The housing area will open up after the servers have been up for an hour. Also, the servers WILL be up on time to let the World First groups compete fairly.

They then summarize the previous Live Letter. (Reminder, Patch 4.25 will have Eureka in it. It is not coming in 4.2. The Forbidden Land of Eureka – Amenos.)

Yoshida will also demonstrate the revamped Glamour system today, in the game itself. Housing will also be discussed in detail during this Live Letter, as well as showing off the new mini-game/side content: Fashion Report.


The Jade Stoa

Yoshida is preparing a demonstration on The Jade Stoa.
First shown is the mount! …a Tiger mount. A tiger….fox?

Now demonstrating the other new mount, a Magitek Claw!

Yoshida: “You can see my lala’s eyes are a little dead”

Achivement UI and also new achievements renewal/revamps /additional are underway but not implemented in 4.2 for now.

Now entering The Jade Stoa.

Looks like a little spoiler has been shown, whups!
Boss: Byakko

Yoshida “It’s Byakko (White tiger) (but we did not say it’s a tiger)” (It’s a JP meme)

Looks like they found out what the WoL hates
Lightnings, water, etc etc

The Jade Stoa for both normal and Extreme will be available at start
Reward will be weapons.
Byakko will definitely be much difficult than Susano and Lakshmi
They have adjusted the difficulty based on how the player skill have grown since then
Nico live streamer asked “What about Shinryuu?”
Yoshida answers that this will be hard to answer because Shinryuu has mechanics that its difficulty are varied amongst players (some find easy, some don’t), citing the pillar from behind players as an example.
So Yoshida will not give an absolute answer to the question.
Moving on

Battle System Adjustments.

Yoshida will be using his ingame machine to demonstrate the changes apparently.
Before it’s ready, Yoshida will be discussing the changes.

First, the overall adjustments. As usual they want to maintain the characteristics of each job and make them unique. Samurai, Red Mage, Bard, Dragoon, Ninja- No adjustments for them

Next, tanks-Yoshida apologies because they are going to bring down PLD’s damage output.
Yep, PLD’s damage output will not raised, and they will not make PLD’s DPS output increased, but instead bringing WAR and DRK’s DPS output higher. WAR has the most adjustments for this patch. WAR’s combo will receiving adjustments the same as how DRG got in 4.1 where potency decrease but increase combo potency.
They are also aiming to ease the troublesome aspects of WAR where people complained as well.

Next, MCH
MCH will be buffed.
Hypercharge will decreased by 1%, but others will be increased
Yoshida apologizes for the 1% decrease for Hypercharge

Next, BLM
Yoshida doesn’t think it’ll be easy to make players understand at start, and it’ll be hard to convey
BLM’s overall DPS will increase-Fire IV will have potency buffs, Thunder proc and Fire III proc, will have their proc timing increased by 6 seconds.
They are increasing the proc timings overall so that the goal is to allow you to have enough time to utilize the proc spells when you move, and allow you more time to use them without having to choose too much.
Aetherial Manipulation’s cooldown will decrease by 10 seconds.
SMN apparently will have Dreadwyrm Trance cooldown decreased.
SMN may not have potency buffs, so DPS output may remain.
Demi-Bahamut’s Akh Morn potency will be buffed (!?)
Caster wise, RDM remains. No adjustments.

Now, Melee, For MNK
Greased Lightning will charge faster.
Chakrawill also charge faster.
Apparently MNK will also be adjusted to synergize with buffs. and Mantra will have recast cooldown decreased.

Lastly, Healers.
Healers will not be nerfed.
Excogitation will be adjusted to have healing enabled once the effect time goes up Excog will fire off regardless of trigger criteria met when the 45sec buff duration expires.
Details of all adjustments will be stated in the patch on later date.

Warning, those stated above are temporary for now, will fact check later on once the Live Letter ends.

Role actions adjustment
Diversion will be adjusted, and buffed- Diversion’s hate will be suppressed greatly.

Elemental Properties & Eureka

Elemental resistance will be completely removed.

Apparently the system will be shifted to Eureka, where there will be a new system called Elemental System
With the Elemental System, you are allowed to invest what elemental you want to be
and adjust accordingly from there.

Elemental Modifiers will be removed from gears

No more Elemental Materia will be obtained.

Phase 4 Dancing Mad hype
Yoshida reassures that the adjustment will not bring any negative effects whatsoever.
Yoshida comment on the BGM currently playing- Dancing Mad from FFVI.

The decision to release Eureka at 4.25 is a delieberate one as they do not want players priorities to go here and there when the patch drops. Eureka is also said to be playable from 4 to 8 players.
Monster wise- you can go 1v1 with them.
Eureka is implied to have a level down system but Yoshida may scrap that idea. Death Penalty will also be there.

Housing updates

This will all be explained in the slide
– Additional Plots added
Wards 13 – 18 will be added to all 4 housing regions.
Plots will be added one week following the release of 4.2Yoshida do not want you to rush and get houses when the patch just drops, and want you to enjoy the patch first.

Changes to plot purchasing system next.
Yoshida will be relase a special website featuring houses and its rules in later time so that people will understand how housing works considering the system has become slightly complicated.
Currently, Yoshida is explaining how the “one private and one free company estate per world” thing works. The details will be stated in a special feature site.
Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re FC Master or not- Once you entered FC, you’re bounded with that rule.
Yes, Yoshida is very aware with the situation in Balmung.

Restrictions on Plot Resale
Yoshida is very disappoiinted that people still being stubborn when being told that plot reselling is a no.
Yoshida just explained the same situation of what happens when someone offered 100 mil to buy a house to someone who resells, now with that restriction, plot resellers can no longer do so anymore.

Foxclon is saying that you’re welcome to send Twitter questions on how the Housing changes work, along with the elemental system work
Yoshida is also aware that the release date is very close to the release of Monster Hunter World and they are fine with it
Yoshida “It’s fine, MHW is one of the game coming from Japan’s best, we’d like players to enjoy MHW too”

Yoshida is explaning more on the housing questions given by players just now
Beginning the second half of the stream

Omega: Sigmascape

We’re going to have play demo.
Sigmascape’s first boss- Ghost Train
Note – You see the walls?
They’re sturdy in normal mode… And Savage? They’ll be gone.

Yoshida “And the 4th floor of Sigmascape will be….awesome, and something to behold”
If there is a pause, it means they are waiting for the content to load

2nd boss
There will be a special command: “Chocobo Brush : Black”
Normal and Savage will be implemented at the same day. Normal clear first, then Savage can be unlocked after.

Yoshida is explaining on why they decided to release normal and savage at the same time:
TL;DR – Balancing issues, Value of the Crafted equipments will drop if they decide to release normal and savage separately
Along with how people will have an advantage due to the new tombstones and new equipments.
So they decided to rethink of the balancing and adjust from there.
Yoshida also acknowledges that there are a lot of people who treat raiding and Savage as their main dish of the game. That’s why the dev team kept thinking and reaccess on how to approach the content and how it releases, but they will still open themselves to feedback.

Side talks about The Jade Stoa.
Yoshida thinks the scenario for The Jade Stoa is interesting, and there are also some cute aspects for that.
Sigmascape’s scenario will take an interesting direction, and feel free to take note on how Nero performs in this arc.

Performance Actions Updates

Demonstration time
On the video, enjoy the demo.
There are some UI changes on Perform window: Harp, Grand Piano, Pizzicato, and Steel Guitar.
Those 4 different instruments will be available.

Small UI updates
You can now adjust the voice volume for OTHER party members.
Example : Turn off your party member’s spell casting sound effect, and their volume.
And you can now assign notes in your controller, and also your keyboard.
Yoshida “Well even if you ask us what do we want to achieve from there, well, we don’t know, but we’re going to bring these features up a notch and improve them even further as we go on”

The Fashion Report

(JP: Fashion Check)
Yoshida forgot to restore the BGM volume
This mini game will be conducted once per week. In JP time, it’ll be Friday
The NPC will be giving you a theme. Complete them to receive MGP.
The NPC name “Kasumi”- The Roe NPC is named “Mask du Rose” (temporary)

In the UI window
There will be a theme given like, glamour your hat for a “Summer Feel”, or Shoes with eastern feel- But answers will not be given, you’ll have to figure it out your own.
Your maximum of trial and errors will be 4 times.
The checklist will be available as well.
So if the theme is “Summer”, then you will need to figure out what equipment fits the theme. Once done, approach the NPC and choose “Challenge Fashion Report”.
Once you checked the option, your equipment will be binded.
Yoshida got a score of 47.
Not a good one, but it’s just a demo.
MGP will be 10k, you will get a bonus if your score is 80 and above, so 10k + bonus.
Do note: There is no definite answer for this, so have fun with experimenting

Some designs from Yoshida

First- Raid rewards:
Tanks, DRG, RDM, PLD, NIN, BLM/Caster

Fashion Equipment. (It’s a set)

Next- Contest winner design
The winner is from EU, this will be implemented in game.

The next one is from NA, Will also be in game.

Next, JP, Will also be in-game.
Next one is also JP- Carbuncle Bathtub.

And more furnishing items to add- More and more Eastern stuff.

The Feast Updates.

Demonstration on the new Feast map

You’re encouraged to make a group for Feasts and use their new group system, and then experiment around, leave them feedback if any ends the introduction of new map.

Glamour Systems Update

Yoshida “This demonstration might be the one that takes the most time”
Yoshida “Have you guys actually use the Calamity Salvager?” The reason why he asked is because there are apparently an amount of players who don’t know about the NPC.
Yoshida “I heard that people complained about the price set at 1,000gil, but, are you guys really that fussy about that 1k gil? Wait, what? Really? it’s just 1k gil! Expensive? Why? …..Then what about the repairs?”
Yoshida is now heading to the inn room.
What is shown, is the Mirage Dresser

Armoire and Glamour Dresser

UI changes.
Yoshida reassures that the everyone can just put your equipments in Armoire.
Yoshida “Just use it, put them in, it’s not about “Don’t trust Yoshida” or not, just put them in, you’re safe for putting them in!”

The Mirage Dresser. (EN: Glamour Dresser, for this translation it’ll use Mirage Dresser)
Think of it as your cupboard. When you choose a weapon to put in Mirage Dresser there will be an option that asks you that if you’re sure in putting them in Mirage Dresser. You will not be able to equip them as normal equipment once you put them in- the item will disappear from your item inventory.

Moving on to Mirage Plate Edit option
The Mirage Plate Edit option will only display the items you put in the Mirage Dresser- so select those items you want to put in Mirage Plate.
You will also have an option to access the Armoire.
Looks like Yoshida doesn’t have much options, everyone laughs.
Whatever you put in Mirage Plate Edit will NOT consume the item you put in the dresser, It will just reflect and bring over Mirage Dresser into Mirage Plate. Once done, you can save it.

There are 10 options available.
Feel free to coordinate and save them as you wish. Ff you don’t want to include the weapons you can remove them.
Now, you’re done with the Mirage Dresser, now, access your Character option and there will be an option called Mirage Plate (Glamour Plate in NA). Access your Mirage Plate and you can freely change your glamour.
No items will be consumed in the process.
You can also set your mirage plate to attach on the job and save it in your gear set option, but this won’t be implemented in 4.2, they’re working on it right now
(Example: BLM ilvl 340 Glamour Plate saved: Set 2).
Yoshida does have the intention to expand the Mirage Plate set- The current Glamour system can STILL be used.
You can also dye your equipments in that particular Mirage Plate set, but it will consume one color dye item upon saving it.
And the changes performed in that particular set will not influence other set.
Although you’re restricted to only 200 slots available for Mirage Dresser.
But don’t forget to include the amount of items you can put into the Armoire as well- which means, you don’t just have 200 slots, you have 200 slots + Armoire.

Additional note
you can also use Mirage Plate in Gold Saucer as long as you’re not in battle, you can use Mirage Plate anywhere.

Chocobo Saddle

Yoshida is apparently forgetting something: “Chocobo Saddle”.
Currently enabling them in game, so please wait for a bit.
Your Chocobo Saddle will be available in “Main Command”.
You can also access Mirage Plate in “General”.
What is shown- is the difference between your inventory and your Chocobo Saddle/Bag
Your inventory = 140 slots, Chocobo Bag = 70 slots.
Yoshida trying to access his retainer, but this is a demo machine, thus doesn’t have one.

One player is suggesting something in Twitter (about Mirage Plate ) but the idea is already brought to the team so it’s under development right now.
Yoshida is currently hiring a retainer right now. Please wait warmly.
What is demonstrated here, is that you can simultaneously switch between your inventory and Chocobo bag, while having your Retainer’s inventory opened.
There will also be an additional, 9th Retainer added. When? Not specified

Subaquatic Voyages

Next, on Submarine Voyager, it’s been treated the same as Airship Voyager.
Like Airship Voyager, you can get materias, and items you can only get through Submarine Voyager.
Minions, mounts will also be included.

Patch Notes will be available next week.

Gatherer’s equipment.

There will be no equipments that are higher than Ala Mhigan gatherer/crafter’s set implemented (specifically overmelded ones, but non overmelded ones, there will be some updates)(edited)
You can craft the next Crafted equipments using the current, overmelded Ala Mhigan crafting set.

Next, Announcement corner.

(Yoshida is tempted to get a smoke, but he’ll refrain for now)

NGC Edofumi is a small group that does live streaming, equivalent to player’s “Let’s Play”, but officially endorsed and supported by Naoki Yoshida and FF14 dev, and Yoshida does appear from time to time.
Patch 4.2 reading, Jan 29.
This event will be content type.

Next, a new FFXIV Artbook
The included minion is restricted to one character on an account.

Next, Yoshida Uncensored.
Consider it a biography of sorts.
You can delve into his mindset and what he thinks through this book – it doesn’t really limit to FFXIV as well.

Next, An exhibition.

Snow Sculpture.

Next, F.A.T.E in SAPPORO

This is assuming the next PLL will be hosted there.
The 42nd PLL content will contain Q&A from players, and the segment will mainly be about Q&A, where players submit questions, and Yoshida answers, etc

Division V hiring a Community Planner.

(If you’re hired as a community planner, you can also write Patch Notes)
(It’s one of the job scope anyway)
Here ends the announcement.

Oh, a final one- YoshiP’s T-shirt

This T-Shirt will be available for sale in the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition.
There are other types as well.
Also- Division V is growing! They’re also opening various other positions, not just Community Planner, so get on their site and apply if you think you’re eligible for it (As long as you know Japanese, and is willing to work in Shinjuku, Tokyo that is)

Closing notes

As of now, Yoshida and his team are almost done with Patch 4.2, what’s left is minor adjustments and it’s all ready to be deployed

Now ends the 41st PLL. Sayonara and thanks for tuning in!

Translation credit: /u/elevenmile (aka: Iluna Minori) from the Sub-reddit’s Discord.