New Map and Status Icons for FFXIV's The Feast

12 Jan 2018

In his post on the official FFXIV forums, community representative Clement “Kaposhipi” Rugeri gave the players a small sneak peak at the new icons and Crystal Tower Training Grounds map for The Feast. The update will be implemented into the game with the patch 4.2

Aside from its great looks, the new Crystal Tower Training Grounds map will also have some RNG to it. It will be in the rotation for both solo and team ranked battles and, according to Kaposhipi, have four different wall patterns that will be placed randomly before the start of the match.

The first of the new UI elements as you can see above, is the addition of the job icon next to the players name.

The medal icons have also been adjusted to accompany the changes coming to the updated medal system.

In order to move the attention of the players and viewers away from buff and debuff bars, the developers will introduce new and bigger status icons for The Feast. They show the approximate amount of medals each player, as well as the icon for when the player can’t pick up any additional medals.

From left to right it is: 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-10 and capped.

As of Patch 4.2, the different roles will only be able to carry a limited amounts of medals, which is why a different player of the team will have to pick the remaining ones. Otherwise they will return to the previous carrier.

The new status icons will make it easier for the players to see which of their team mates or enemies is affected with which status and help them to react faster to different situations.


Source: Official Forums