Naoki Yoshida's New Year Server Visits Q&A Part 1: Jobs, Raids, Gear and Glamour

3 Jan 2018

Over the course of his New Year’s celebration, Final Fantasy XIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida visited several Japanese servers and answered questions straight from the players.

Because of the large amount of information, we’ve decided to split this up into several parts and have organized the information by topic below.

On Jobs:

Q: Will Black Mage become stronger!?
A: If you look at DPS alone, BLMs are already strong, but the adjustments will allow it to be used more comfortably.

Q: Will we ever see a 4th role other than DPS?
A: For the meantime, we’ll be sticking to the current 3 roles.

Q: Can you do something about how your soul crytal has your name labeled on it when you use a jump potion?
A: That’s a bug, so we will delete it.

Q: Any changes to Monk?
A: We have various changes in the works for job adjustments, so please wait for future announcements. Several jobs will be adjusted.

Q: Any adjustments to scholar? Scholars are behind the other 2 healers, so i’m hoping they get better…
A: Scholars aren’t behind.

Q: How about Machinists!?
A: Huh? there’s nothing wrong with Machinists either…

Q: Make it so Dragon Sight isn’t cut off when the other player moves out of range.
A: We are considering it now.

Q: When are you adding new tanks and healers?
A: I cannot say anything about new jobs, or else I’d lose my life. They might even need to erase the Anima server to hide the secret.

Q: You said you didn’t add any tanks this expansion, because you wanted to focus on the balance between the 3 tanks, but I’d like to hear your opinion on how Paladins are mandatory in end game content.
A: The tanks and other roles will have a variety of adjustments in 4.2, so please wait for the details.

Q: Can you spend more time talking about details on gatherers and crafters during live letters?
A: Gatherers and crafters don’t have their own “specific content”, so we can’t talk about it for that long. We can touch on the topic a few times, if we get questions.

  • No plans on having split jobs like Arcanist> Scholar and Summoner in the future.
  • There will be more Egi glamour in the future, so please wait.

On Instanced Content:

Q: Please make more 8 man dungeons.
A: It won’t be an 8 man dungeon, but we are planning difficult 4 man content instead.

Q: I want 8 man content we can farm casually as a group.
A: I have received your request.

Q: Can you improve the “Adventurer in need” bonus?
A: We will continue to discuss it.

Q: Can you make the daily roulette into tickets, so we can save them up?
A: Allowing players to stack daily tickets is actually a pretty troublesome topic, because some players will think “I have too many saved up and i can’t be bothered doing them anymore”. If we don’t leave dailies as dailies, humans are designed to not do them anymore…

Q: Is is difficult to allow us to take our Chocobo companions into dungeons?
A: Now that we have squadrons, that isn’t out of the possibility anymore.

Q: Back when someone asked if you could reset cooldowns when we entered instanced areas, you said it was difficult. How about resetting cooldowns when you clear the content?
A: Adding another process to the clear flag is extremely difficult.

Q: Anything you can tell us about Eureka?
A: People will have misunderstandings if we only reveal a portion of the info, so please wait a little longer.

Q: Will the 4.2 adjustments to maps include Aquapolis?
A: Yes. The adjustments include the item levelsync, amount of loot, the drop rates on the maps you get inside.

Q: Is there going to be another Deep Dungeon?
A: We are still developing the next deep dungeon.

Q: Will you add the Ultimate series to the raid finder in the future?
A: I don’t think we will. By the way, we are already developing the next Ultimate content and we were just talking about what the boss for the ultimate difficulty after that will be.

Q: I love FF tactics and 12, so i really enjoyed Rabanastre. Thank you!
A: A lot will be happening in the next “Return to Ivalice” raid, so please wait and look forward to that too.

Q: Can you lift the ilv sync by 10 item levels for Ala Mhigo? I personally feel disappointed when i get that dungeon in the roulette.
A: If we raise it any higher, new tanks who just got to that dungeon might not be able to hold threat.

Q: I want more info on Sigma.
A: Just like Deltascape, Sigma is going to be an interesting battle, so look forward to it.

Q: Any plans on nerfing content/mechanics that you can’t solo, even if it’s unsynced?
A: That’s impossible because we can’t use our resources there.

Q: For players who started playing after watching “The Dad of light”, content like Diadem is unplayable now, you know?
A: It’s hard to decide if we should touch it or just close it. We are currently putting all our resources into Eureka, so Diadem is back in the line when it comes to priority. If we do close Diadem, we’ll put the minions and mounts as a reward you can obtain somewhere else.

Q: Can we have a “booking system” where we can book certain content with specifications and let it notify us, when something that matches all the conditions pops up on the Party Finder?
A: That sounds very difficult.

Q: Can you provide an instanced area for events hosted by players, where you can join from any datacenter? I don’t mind, if I have to book it in advance and if it takes a lot of time to load.
A: We are considering having maps for user events, so please give us more time.

  • We are considering and discussing having a “normal-raid 8 man roulette” (note: Omega normal and Alexander normal)
  • We are considering showing who vote kicked you.
  • We are still testing the feature where you can participate in instanced battles (like the MSQ solo instances) you have already cleared.
  • We do want to explore the possibility of having hints written in dungeons, but the translation is so difficult…
  • It’s still far off, but we would like to think about new 24 man content.
  • You’ll see some of the new bosses from Sigmascape in the new trailer.

On Gear and Melding:

Q: It’s sad how equipment becomes garbage so quickly…
A: With an item level based game, it can’t be helped. Please enjoy your gear with the glamour system.

Q: Can you raise the STR on the tank accessories? The problem where crafted gear is better than higher ILV gear is occuring again.
A: We are aware of that problem, but the discussions are still going on.

Q: Can you please allow us to turn in normal raid equipment (Omega normal) for GC seals in the odd numbered patches?
A: If we allow that to happen in odd numbered patches, it won’t fully reach the players who actually want to use the gear, so we deliberately have it spaced out.

Q: Since we don’t know the requirements for new crafting and gathering HQ items, we can’t meld our gear before the next patch arrives. Any way you can show us in advance?
A: I’m sorry, but we are avoiding that to prevent the economy to go wild.

Q: Is the 4.2 dungeon gear dyeable?
A: If i remember correctly, you can’t…

Q: I’d like you to revise how raid gear is the only strongest gear for each season (patch cycle) and how it’s useless after the next. For example, add special effects/buffs to it so you can use it after the season (patch cycle) is over.
A: Adding special effects/bufss[sic] will affect the game balance as a whole, so we have a policy where, unless those effects are limited to a certain area (note: hints to Eureka), we won’t have them in this game.

Q: When will we see the next “relic weapon” like the Anima or Zenith?
A: The weapons and armor will come out at the same time Eureka is released.

Q: Any plans on adjusting the amount of grade 5 and 6 Materia we get?
A: We are always making small adjustments for every patch.

Q: I want over melds to be more risky!
A: I know right? The equipment also blew up when you failed melds in 1.0.

Q: Can you allow us to meld 10 in a row, when we overmeld instead of one by one?
A: We can’t, because of how it’s processed.

Q: I want to have different melds for each tank. Just like the Glamour Wardrobe, can you allow us to have different melds?
A: That’s a tough one, because it’s designed where you are over writing on the item data itself. I think it’s worth considering, even if it takes time.

Q. We can only carry one piece of Genji gear with us, but i want to meld different materia for each job. (e.g.MCH/BRD) Can you do something about it?
A. We have receiced[sic] multiple requests on wanting to meld different materia for shared gear. It won’t make it in time for patch 4.2, but we would like to add it to our future tasks.

On Glamour and Looks:

Q: From what i’ve[sic] read, it seems like you can’t put glamour items in the Glamour Wardrobe, if you want to glamour your retainers and Squadron members, so i hope you do something about it.
A: We’ll gradually improve the system by allowing Squadron members to use glamour from your wardrobe in the future.

Q: Any news on selling the Krille outfit?
A: Since we need to make it fit every race, please wait a little longer.

Q: I want to wear “Kimono”. Any plans on adding Kimono that those NPCs in Kugane are wearing?
A: We will gradually add japanese[sic] themed equipment.

Q: With the new Glamour Wardrobe, do we need to carry around dyes, if we want to change the color on them?
A: If you have the item in the wardrobe dyed beforehand, you can use that color, when you glamour items. You can also make it where, only the gear with the Glamour Commode applied to it is dyed, so you can leave the commode itself undyed.

Q: I want simple lace-up boots (Like the one from Edda’s outfit) for men. Please…i’ll do anything.
A: I’ll tell them about the boots.

Q: I want Miqo’te and Au’ra men to have more muscles. Can you add it to the character creator?
A: We’d have to change the model itself, if we add more muscles, so it’s a little difficult.

Q: Can you allow us to only change the color of our eyes via colored contacts?
A: It might be about time we allow players to customize their eye colors.

Q: Can you add new hair colors?
A: The process is difficult, but I have accepted your request.

Q: Can you do something about almost every trousers looking the same above the ankle and how it’s short?
A: We have to consider including the shoes, so it’s quite difficult. I personally always ask the designers for a retake. With skirts, we’ll do our best solving the problem with legs clipping through them.

Q: Can you split the head and glasses to be 2 different categories?
A: We would have to change a lot and restart from the model, so it’s difficult………….

Q: Any plans on having accessories just for glamour, outside of seasonal items?
A: No. We are using most of that cost on seasonal items.

Q: Can you allow us to flip our hairstyles horizontally?
A: I’ll ask the character team.

Q: Any plans on adding Imp-themed gear?
A: I get that request frequently, so I’ll tell the team (laughs).

Q: Any new hairstyles for patch 4.2?
A: Yes.

Q: I want raincoats and water themed gear based on creatures like imps and frogs for glamour.
A: When it comes to glamour gear requests, it will have to come one by one, but I’d like to have as many come true.

Q: Are we ever going to have craftable Alexander raid gear like the Coil gear?
A: The raid gear is already dyeable, so no plans at the moment.

Q: Can you do something about our hair disappearing, when you have a hat on?
A: The hair and hat issue is surely a difficult one…

Q: Can you add costumes based on enemies like the Ascians to the Mogstation?
A: No plans on adding gear from enemies for a while. The most we can do is gear from imperial soldiers.

Q: If you put your items in the Glamour Wardrobe and they disappear, do we have to buy it on the Mogstation again?
A: After you have 200 items in your wardrobe, that is when you have to delete one at a time, so please understand that they don’t “disappear”, but get “stocked” instead.

Q: Will we ever get a chance to get the maid outfit again?
A: We’ll do it again when we have the opportunity.

Q: Can we have more Ninja daggers that look simple?
A: We overdid it with the 4.0 daggers. We’ll have simple ones again.

Q: Can we have longer ponytails?
A: Since we want to avoid clipping, we’re running out of normal looking hairstyles.

Q: What happened to the male bunny outfit?
A: We are slowly working on it, but having it fit all races was harder than we expected.

Q: The King slime crown has a different shake when an Aura wears it. I want the other 5 races to enjoy the same rapid shake. Especially Lalas!
A: I need to go back and check how the king slime crown shakes.

Q: There’s a problem where long hairstyles clip into the collar with certain gear. Can you make it where your hair is hidden automatically, when you have that sort of gear on, just like how hats hide your hair?
A: We have heard a lot of those requests regarding hairstyles, but each race and each gear has small differences and there is a limit to what we can do. If there is a specific hairstyle you really want us to do something about, please send us your feedback on the official forums.

Q: Any plans on adding the FF10 themed fanfest bonus items on the mogstation or adding it anywhere else?
A: Since those are bonus items from the fanfest, I’d like to keep them exclusive for a while longer.

Q: I know it’s difficult to allow us to show facial expressions, when we have items such as the swine head equipped, but can you make the /visor command change the outfit’s (Pig’s head) eyes become sharper?
A: We haven’t assigned any animations to those creature outfits, so it’s impossible to change their expressions. Please tolerate the default look.

  • Please wait a little longer for Alphinaud and Alisaei’s outfit for the Mogstation.
  • It may take some time, but we are trying to unlock race specific haristyles[sic] for other races.
  • The preparations for selling the Angel and Devil outfits are completed
  • We do have plans for the AF3 to be dyeable, but it’s still a secret (hinting at Eureka).


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