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Letter From The Producer LIVE XL Summary

15 Dec 2017

Earlier today, Naoki Yoshida took to the internet to give us our first look at Final Fantasy Patch 4.2 Rise of a New Sun, which is currently slated for late January. He also talks about the new glamour system, Eureka, and the series of trials that players can look forward to battling against in Stormblood.

Read on for the information from the official forums.

You can watch the VOD here.

Patch 4.2—Rise of a New Sun will debut in late January 2018!

The patch key art was created by Toshiyuki Itahana, known for Chocobo’s Dungeon!


New Main Scenario Quests
The next chapter in the story will take place in Doma. 
(A few screenshots were shown.) 

New Sidequests
While Patch 4.1 featured a short preview of the Hildibrand story series, 4.2 will mark the beginning of the next chapter in the Hildibrand storyline. We noticed a lot of players have been doing the Hildibrand quests after they complete all other new content. So we’ll be implementing the Hildibrand series in the .x5 patches moving forward. Therefore, the next Hildibrand story will be implemented in Patch 4.25. 

New Beast Tribe Quests – The Ananta
The Ananta beast tribe quests will begin in Patch 4.2.
(A few screenshots were shown.)

New Dungeons
Since this is an even numbered patch, we’ll be introducing two new dungeons.

  • Hells’ Lid
  • The Fractal Continuum (Hard)

(A few screenshots were shown.)

New Trials
We’re going to begin new series of trials known as the Four Lords. The first in the series will see adventurers doing battle against Byakko in the Jade Stoa and the Jade Stoa (Extreme). 

New Raids 
Omega: Sigmascape
Omega: Sigmascape (Savage) 

We’ll go over more details on these in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE and via the upcoming patch trailer.

The Forbidden Land of Eureka – Anemos
We’re planning to introduce this in Patch 4.25. This content will be a series, and will be released as we continue through the patches. We would like for players to enjoy this content with many players, and there are some leveling aspects here. We’re planning to have players strengthen their weapons and gear inside Eureka. Within Eureka, players will encounter strong monsters, such as Notorious Monsters (NMs). We should be able to show more information in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE set for our visit to Sapporo. 

We’ll be implementing a new system we haven’t had before, so please look forward to the updates!

Job Adjustments
We’ll be making job adjustments in Patch 4.2 as well. We’re planning to adjust things like black mage DPS, and usability of warriors. We’ll be going over the details in the second part of the Patch 4.2 special.

PvP Updates
Several updates will be made to the Feast.

  • Introduction of a new map
  • Rule Revisions
  • PvP Team RegistrationSimilar to a free company, players will be able to form a PvP specific team. There are ratings for each team, and we’re also going to be considering rewards and tournaments based on this. A team chat will be available, so players can use this chat to talk outside of PvP as well.

There are other updates, such as ranking update based on individual’s ratings. 

We’ll also be making further adjustments to Rival Wings as well.

Glamour System Updates
We will introduce a new feature, called a glamour commode, specifically for glamours, which will be used to store glamour data. Once stored, you can save glamour ensembles to coordinate your glamour. Furthermore, all glamour prisms will be converted to a single type. 

Inventory Updates
The stackable item limit will be increased from 99 to 999!

A feature to “undo sort” will be added. Be sure to make use this if you sorted your inventory by mistake!
Chocobo saddlebags will be added. Simply put, it’s 70 additional inventory slots!

Housing Updates
Additional plots will be added one week after the release of Patch 4.2. We’re also going to be changing how the plots can be purchased as well. We’ll announce the changes right before Patch 4.2 goes live.

Subaquatic Voyages
This is a continuation to the previous airship voyage feature. 
(A screenshot of the Subaquatic Voyages were shown.)

Performance Actions Updates
We’ll be implementing a new performance-specific user interface which can be used with both keyboard and gamepad. By having the specific UI, players will not need to assign the performance actions to their hotbars. We’re planning to add three new sounds (stringed instruments). Currently there is a lag of about 0.2 seconds until the sound is played. This is because it is matching with the motion, so we’re looking into making adjustments.

Additional Updates
A new tomestone, mendacity, will be added. 

We’ll be making adjustments to the main scenario dungeons, so that new players can enjoy them without worrying. It may extend the duration of the dungeon; however, we have increased the rewards as well. 

Adjustments will be made to the Hidden Canals of Uznair.

Adjustments will be made to the efficiency for leveling Disciples of the Hand from level 50 to 60.

PvP Updates (Continued)
The Crystal Tower Training Grounds map will be added to the Feast. 

Rule Revisions for the Feast
We’ll be making the following adjustments to increase the tempo of the match.

  • Match length will be reduced from 8 minutes to 6 minutes.
  • Supply box spawn times will be adjusted.
  • Culling Time duration and stack increase rate will be adjusted.
  • The accumulation rate for the Adrenaline Gauge will be adjusted.
  • Offensive and defensive supplies will be removed.
  • Changes will be made to the player respawning location. 
    Instead of respawning at the team landing, they will respawn where they were KO’d. KO’d players will received a temporary invulnerability, and will have their MP/TP restored to full on respawn.

Additionally, in order to facilitate more strategic matches, we’ll be making the following adjustments.
There will be a role-based medal caps:

  • Tank – 200 Medals
  • Melee DPS – 175 Medals
  • Ranged DPS – 150 Medals
  • Healer – 125 Medals

*Medals that exceed the cap will be dropped automatically.

Furthermore, players in possession of fewer medals than the initial allotment will be granted the “Light Medal” status and receive less damage as a result.

Ranked Team Matches
We’ll be implementing ranked team matches where players can register as a team and challenge their skills. By participating in the ranked team matches, players will rise or fall in the team rankings depending on their performance. Forming a team doesn’t mean you are required to participate in a ranked match, you may use this feature to form a group with those who enjoy PvP. In the future, top-ranked players may qualify for tournaments or receive rewards. 

Ranked matches will not be held at all times, we’re planning to hold these matches around tournament schedules. 

Team Requirements
In order to form a team, the following conditions must be met:

  • Form a party with four to six players (cross-World permitted)
  • All party members must have PvP unlocked.

As we are looking into tournaments, players cannot be members of multiple teams. 

Team Matches
Player rankings will take place in the Feast (4 on 4 – Ranked Match). If the team consists of six players, they must first form a party of four in order to compete in the 4 on 4 ranked match.

Team Ranking
Team ranking is a value that represents a player’s relative skill as a member of an organized team. Unlike solo ranked matches, teams automatically move up or down tiers depending on their ranking.

Furthermore, we’re considering making changes to solo matches, so the rankings are based on their ratings, and making further adjustments to the spectator mode.

Glamour System Updates (Continued)
Commodes can retain up to 200 glamours. We would like for you to add items you are most likely to use for glamour. 

The role restrictions will still remain, but you’ll also be able to create macros which can swap ensembles along with gear set macros. 

You can make ensembles of specific parts of a set of gear, and also apply regular glamours as usual. 

Dyes can be applied per ensemble. 

Certain items, such as those that can be stored in the armoire, does not need to be converted to glamours.

Duty Recorder
The Duty Recorder feature will allow players to record and revisit their adventures in instanced duties. You’ll also be able to view the battle from the perspective of the other party members. 

In addition to this, there is an idling camera mode, and group pose mode, so not only can you use this feature for reviewing, but to also take screenshots as well. You can also view from the enemy’s perspective, and change the speed of the replay playback. You will not be able to play the recording in slow mode, as this will make it difficult to retain the integrity of the packets. 

Duty Records
You can save up to three recordings. To record a duty, the following conditions must be met:

  • Duty Records must be enabled.
  • Parties must meet the minimum size requirements.
  • A record ready check must be initiated and all party members must consent.

The record ready check will set an anchor point in the recording once all party members consent, then the countdown timer will begin. When reviewing the recording, you may begin watching from this anchor point. 

The Duty Recorder feature will not be applied to all duties when first implemented. We will look into aspects such as the amount of data, and resources that may be required for debugging, and gradually add more duties where this feature can be used in. We’re sure some players may not want to be recorded so this feature will not be available in a matched party. Please form a party first through means such as using the Party Finder. Players will also be able to check if the recordings will be allowed or not through the Party Finder.

The recordings will only display your own character information. For other players, it will only display their job names. The recording will resume until the duty is completed. Since it’s not actually recording a video, there isn’t any concern of storage space running low. You may change your perspective to any battle object, which includes pets as well. 

Records may be viewed inside inn rooms, and records that you wish to save can be set not to be overwritten. 

Please note that you will not be able to view past recordings after patch updates. This is because the feature is replaying the battle itself using the battle system and not recording a video. Therefore, when there are job adjustments and such, it will not be able to play with those previous statuses as they were. 

Duty Record Playback Controls

  • Play / Pause
  • 2x Speed
  • 4x Speed
  • Set Focus Target
  • Hide HUD
  • Help
  • Group Pose
  • Switch to Idling Camera
  • Next Chapter
  • Previous Chapter
  • Chapter Select
  • And other various features.

Inventory Updates (Continued) 

Chocobo saddlebags cannot be accessed inside instanced duties. 
Items stored inside saddlebags cannot be used/put up for sale/delivered/used as components for crafting/etc. Items may only be stored in or removed from saddlebags.

You will have access to the saddlebags even if the chocobo is stabled.


Square Enix has also revealed new merchandise for Final Fantasy XIV. You can check all of them out in the pictures below. Some of them are available for pre-order right now from the Square Enix Online Store!