XSeed Bringing Original Zwei Title Westward

Just last month, we had the chance to review the latest Falcom localization from XSeed Games, Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection. That is, if you can consider a game originally released in 2008 the “latest,” but it was a surprisingly excellent title that’s made it on to our short list for our Top 5 of 2017 (…oh my, the year’s almost over, isn’t it?).

For their next trick, XSeed has decided to dive even further into the past, this time taking us to the way back year of 2001, when the original Zwei!! was released in Japan. Seventeen years later, the game will finally be making its way into the hands of English-speaking audiences.

During a Twitch stream earlier today, XSeed announced the upcoming western release of this game, now going by the title Zwei: The Arges Adventure. Billed the release as the “most feature-complete version of the game to date,” the game will feature modern widescreen support (this is a nearly-two decade old game after all), apparently more puns in the dialogue than you can possibly be ready for, and even an Ys-based typing game that was hidden in the original Japanese release.

If you’re feeling ex-Zwei-ted about the news, you can look forward to early 2018 for it’s release on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.