Aetheryte Radio 108 Topic: 5.0 Jobs

On our most recent episode, we announced our upcoming Aetheryte Radio Topic: 5.0 Jobs

  • What jobs would you like to see added in Final Fantasy XIV 5.0?
  • How would they play?
  • How would they fit into the lore?

On Episode 108, which is currently slated for (Saturday, December 2nd, we’ll be going more in depth with this topic and we want to include your thoughts in the discussion!

To participate, you can share your thoughts with us a number of ways

We’ll be gathering comments up during the rest of this month and sitting down to discuss it while selecting submitted comments to read on air on December 2nd. 

7 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio 108 Topic: 5.0 Jobs

  1. Would love to see the Dancer job come to FFXIV, I feel it would play somewhat like a Ninja with a lot of movement skills.

  2. I Would hope to See Blue Mage as a Tank in 4.0 also the Rumored “Judge” tank.

    Blue Mage I feel could work With the Two Swords that take up 1 slot like monk/Ninja, While ninja uses daggers Blu Mage uses two longsword that push together when making a magic attack (like red mage with the crystal) while its Tank Stance could be physical Based attacks and DPS Stance would be Magic based attacks. It shares armors with the other tanks and its flagship armor is a robe with pieces of heavy armor attached to it. The Limit break would be like a blue mage gains moves from the enemy many mirror shards will appear to form a mirror and deflect any attacks. The story is the blue mages have came to be by similar to red magic but was founded in the far east in Othard before Doma collapsed, when the imperials came in Blue magic was considered illegal because the dangers it could prove to be, now they rise finally after Doma has been taken back and liberated and wish the warrior of light to bring them to their former glory, If not Doma then the place that the Raen are from since we haven’t seen the west of Othard

    Judge would have a war hammer that needs two hands that would be called “Gavels” and have a shield on their arm to block attacks, or can give up defense in exchange of more attacks the shield can attack to the hammer for extra damage (ill get to this later) many of their attack names are law related/oriented. For example restraining order could be a “Shirk” move. The judges would share tank armor while their flagship is one arm has heavy armor (the one which is holding the gavel) and the other side has a medium sized armor (the hand that holds the shield) Their stances could be named Jury (Tank Stance) and Executioner (DPS) Executioner Stance would have the shield merged with the gavel to deal more damage and jury would exist to use the shield and take heavier hits and the story could be from former garleans who defected, Nero could prove to be a mentor (since he has had his hammer and similar to how estinien was) and these Imperial defectives could also be another race. many of the judges defected because the inspiration that the liberation of ala mhigo, the sacrifice of Regula van Hydrus, What they did to Grynewaht. And Xeno’s attempt to destroy the world led to a boiling point in which many of the superiors had enough and want to teach the alliance the fighting styles of the imperials so they have a new edge at the coming storm.

    I just love to tank and want to see more tank classes, Sorry about all the Grammatical errors

  3. I hope to see Dancer as an off-healer job. It should use dances to buff the party similar to bards’ songs. Weapon – bracelets. The dps skills should be melee physical attacks with a weaker ranged skill as an option.

    1. dancers used whips and knives so why not just have it be whips?

  4. I expect to see the invasion of the Garlean Empire be accompanied by the inclusion of a heavy armor, maybe Magitek -based tank. Sort of a Machinist-hybrid tank job. Maybe called “Sentinel” or “Viking”?

  5. I’d like to see Blue Mage as a Druid Healer, who transforms into various enemy types/etc.

    I’d like to see a Charmer Whip-weapon DPS job that can temporarily summon enemies from the area to help fight.

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