Naoki Yoshida Comments On FFXIV Housing Issues

Earlier today on the official forums, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida commented on the current housing situation in Final Fantasy XIV. 

Earlier this week, patch 4.1 went live, introducing the far eastern housing district of Shirogane. On many servers, these new plots were gone within minutes- leading many players to quickly voice their thoughts about the system.

According to Yoshida-san, in addition to the server stress causing the relocation feature to not function properly, he also admits that the bigger, underlying issue, is that they have provided enough additional wards. As a result of this, new wards for each housing area will be added by patch 4.1 with more details coming at a later date. 

You can read the full quote from Yoshida-san below.

Hello, everyone. This is FFXIV Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida.

Patch 4.1 saw the introduction of the residential area, Shirogane, and though we are pleased to see so many players enjoying this area, we also received a great deal of feedback regarding this newest addition to housing.

While a great number of you were interested in either purchasing or relocating to a plot in Shirogane, we failed to prepare sufficient plots for players, and for that I deeply apologize.

This problem was only made worse by the increased stress on the servers from players rushing to log in after the end of maintenance. As a result, the system implemented to prevent players from abusing the relocation feature failed to function properly, preventing some players from relocating altogether.

Although this issue will be addressed in today’s hotfix, we understand this does not address the underlying issue. In light of the feedback we have received, we will be working to bolster our servers in preparation for additional wards in the Lavender Beds, the Goblet, Mist, and Shirogane by patch 4.2.

We’ve also received considerable feedback as to how they should be added, and we will be making an announcement outlining the number of new wards and how they will be sold after reviewing said feedback. To prevent speculation, we will refrain from releasing information until absolutely necessary. We ask for your patience and understanding until we can provide you with these details.

I hope we can count on your continued support, and that you all will continue to enjoy the various new content added in patch 4.1.

  • Elfezen

    They said recently that Ishgard housing is still on the list so when will it acctualy happen

    • Alhanalem

      Citation Needed.

      Years ago, they had suggested they might do ishgard housing (noting that it would have to be after the war is over…) but most likely what happened is they changed course to create Shirogane instead.

      • Eddie Erickson

        The official comment said that they might choose to do Ishgard housing over Ala Mhigo.

        • Alhanalem

          When was Ala Mhigo housing ever in the cards? Never heard anything about this, ever.

      • Elfezen

        Not years ago, March 10, 2017 they clearly stated in an interview that Heavensward housing is still in their list of upcoming content

  • Alhanalem

    Honestly, they should have thought of this beforehand. Why on earth they didn’t think to increase capacity before the patch is beyond me.

    • Kayla Williams

      They want new players so they were so busy catering for them that they probably did’nt think of what would happen. Its making us veterans have a more difficult time. But either way the show must go on.

  • Xerxes

    You know most players will want at least one house for their main, if not one per character. You know how many players you’ve got, how many characters you’ve got, and the average rate for new character creation and leveling. This should give a rough estimate for how many plots are needed now, and how fast more have to be added.

    If you’re not making enough plots, you’re not paying attention somewhere.

    • Kyle Francoeur

      Houses are not cheap, storage-wise, and it’s fairly well known that FFXIV has a history of money being funneled out of it by corporate to feed other projects. They’re paying attention, but the question is if they can afford it.

    • Boondale

      One house per server should be more then enough. Anything more then that is just being greedy.

  • Victoria Froud

    how did they not realise this would happen to begin with? they already know there’s a housing demand and limit… of course loads of people were gonna log in like crazy to try and nab a house…

  • Lillian Jones

    A few extra districts that are for Free Company only housing would be nice.

  • Terry Colligan

    As I understand there are currently only enough housing for roughly 1% of the player base. The amount of additional plots that need to be added is considerable. Probably at least 50x the current number of plots and likely more because of FCs and other reasons. Regardless, my point is it’s going to take a lot of additional housing to make a dent in this problem.

    • Brian Paone

      You got a source on that 1% figure?

      • Hezkezl

        Thin air

      • FaLLeNAnGeL

        66 servers x 4 housing districts x 12 wards x 60 houses = 190,080 Houses total in game which is a around 1-2% of total people subbed.

        • Hezkezl

          You really think there’s 2 million people currently subbed to this game?

          Those numbers SE keeps putting out about how many players have the game (2 million players or something)… that’s total number of accounts made, not numbers of people currently subscribed to XIV.

        • Brian Paone

          How many are active?

  • Trixie Racer

    well judging the rate of players i say we need to triple the wards say 12 to 36 that should sound about right for amount of houses we need in todays ff14 world.

  • JaK da Reap3r

    Plz allow alts on same server to share houses, this would free up so much space!!

  • kazz

    I’ve always enjoyed housing in other games and I’ve always had alts (that usually had completely different styles of housing from my main) and the awful system of housing in ffxiv was nearly a deal breaker for me when I first started – but hey there were a lot of other great things about the game and they were going to address the housing situation at some point…. right?

    I do actually have housing, and I have (largely due to playing on quieter european servers) had housing on my alts, and I have allowed plots to expire (because it was the only way to get any money back from them) and I have given plots away despite the cost to myself. I have never sold plots, because I think that’s pretty despicable (although I understand the people that do it just to cover their costs when they are moving on). I love gardening and have always used the housing plots I have owned.

    Having said that though the neighbourhood thing is a total bust. Even when there are people congregating around specific houses they most often don’t actually start socialising with the houses around them, at least not on the servers I’ve played on.

    My ideal would be for FC housing to start out small in an instanced area that could be gradually upgraded to a large estate. Because the whole area would be instanced this would mean the ridiculously low limit on garden furniture could be scrapped and FCs could work together to upgrade their FC house from a piddling little cottage into the mansion of their dreams without having to play aetheryte stalking or login queue roulette.

    Equally personal housing could be done the same way, or you could share a house with your other characters within your server (Or one game I once played long ago set you up with an instanced estate containing space for multiple houses one for each of your characters which was pretty awesome). Regardless, adding instanced housing, perhaps even leaving the current wards for those who really wanted them, would potentially allow everyone to have the housing they wanted without forcing the server to run them all at the same time or creating outdoor areas with so many assets that they cripple the game’s ability to run. It would also remove the need for reclaims which I’m sure discourage people from returning to the game after an absence.

    • Shameless lilly

      Instanced housing, while a solution to the housing limit, is a horrible idea. I get why you’re suggesting it, but I hope they never implement it. The fact that my house is in a set location is part of the appeal. I spent time planning out which lots I would buy if available. My irl sister then bought a house right next to mine. A 3rd of my friends list are my neighbors of either my FC or personal house. ‘real location’ housing is something I’ve never come across in a game before. I love my SWTOR Strongholds, but no one visits them, no one sees the work I put into them, I have never met anyone through them. Why should FFXIV give up something that makes them unique?? Yes, the idea of a house you can expand and adapt is a great idea, but only if the insides are instanced and not the plots themselves.
      TL;DR: Instanced housing is common, boring and cold. FFXIV should stay unique.

      • kazz

        I love that the neighbourhood thing is actually working for you and I do think it’s a nice idea, but given that maintaining permanently open districts is one of the main reasons the amount of housing available is restricted, holding on to it as a necessary concept seems to just be a way to guarantee that housing is always something for the 1% rather than for everyone who wants to participate.

  • Sophia Athana

    I would recommend another system for housing. First of all mansions should be distributed to FCs that have at least 100+ people and not alts where at least 15 of them will be active daily for a period of 2 months straight. Plus 1 mansion per FC, no mansions at all for individual players even if they belong to FC. Medium and small plots to all but 1 per server.
    There are too many FCs out there that consist of 7-10 people, always inactive except on periods of a new patch or housing.Then they come online, get whatever they can, then they usually sell it for 500million gil at least (mansion price) and then go offline again until next patch. Money sellers? Maybe.But if you don’t like my proposition, you should think of another that fights this behavior. Maybe an auction would help but then again those inactive people would have opportunity to grab mansions again.
    In addition to my proposition and to make things a bit harder for those that want to grab everything they can, you could make an FC quest about actually having a mansion plot besides the gil the FC must pay.A complex quest that would need the co operation of the FC as crafters, gatherers and raiders. Where all participants MUST belong to the same FC and contribute a certain amount of mats/products/quest fight missions.
    I hope this post will reach the eyes and ears of the developers and also hope they will make this housing addition to the game more interesting and demanding.

    I forgot to say that besides all the problems about housing, the biggest issue for me is that a part of the game that I am paying for, is not accessible to me. Game content that I cannot reach just because of the way the housing works. Call it server latency, overpopulation, greed, botting, whatever. The result remains that many of us are being denied of game content that we pay for. And surely there are solutions to this. Just think about it.

    • Sophia A’Verette

      Did you get a round of applause? If not…heres ine just for you. (Claps). I do in fact think about the money that I pay for content I cant enjoy.

  • Robert Marks

    Easy solution: Each account can only have one house per server. Period. If you are the leader of a Free Company, you can purchase a house and during that purchase register it as a Company house. Also, make it so people can only sell their house back to the system. not to other players. This will cut back on people buying up lots to sell for profit.