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Eorzean Symphony Blu-Ray Announced

23 Sep 2017

This weekend, Square Enix is holding their Eorzean Symphony concert in Japan. 

Earlier this week, the Final Fantasy XIV Orchestral Arrangement album released, letting fans listen to eight orchestrated arrangements of pieces from the game. Those attending the concert however, get to hear almost twice that, in addition to Susan Calloway performing Answers and Dragonsong. (the full list can be viewed here)

However, for those like myself that have purchased the CD and were blown away by the orchestral arrangments and left wanting to hear the remaining performances from the concert- there’s good news!

Square Enix has announced a Blu-Ray release of Eorzean Symphonies that will arrive on December 20th later this year for ¥ 6,000 (around $50-$60) and it’s currently available for pre-order from Square Enix’s Japanese e-store website.

Currently the Blu-Ray is not available on Square Enix’s NA store, however chances should be good that we’ll see it make an appearance considering they’re currently selling the Orchestral Arrangement Album.

Update: Now available to preorder on the Square Enix online store for $69.99. The disc is also confirmed to come with an item code for an in-game orchestrion roll. In addition, those that purchase it from the Square Enix Online Store will receive a mini notebook as a store bonus. The disc on the NA store has a release date of 11 days later- December 31st.