Aetheryte Radio 106 Topic: Burnout

On our most recent episode, we announced our upcoming Aetheryte Radio Topic: Burnout

  • What causes burnout?
  • How are the different ways to handle burnout?

On Episode 106, which is currently slated for Saturday, September 30th, we’ll be going more in depth with this topic and we want to include your thoughts in the discussion!

To participate, you can share your thoughts with us a number of ways

We’ll be gathering comments up during the rest of this month and sitting down to discuss it while selecting submitted comments to read on air on September 30th. Keep an eye on our social media channels for an update on the exact timing for the episode.

8 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio 106 Topic: Burnout

  1. Is it just me or does nobody *ever* leave comments on gamerescape? I use the site frequently and I must say, it’s been a very helpful & handy resource for my adventures in FFXIV. However I often find myself wishing there was a lot more discussion in the comments section on a great, great many of the pages here. Certain items, certain topics… a simple comment from a fellow player would do wonders helping solve all kinds of mysteries for tons of others, that naturally tend to arise while playing & end up going unanswered for me due to lack of some random piece of information on certain topics (which sucks because I know there’s probably tons of players that KNOW the answer to these questions that arise but since nobody comments here for some reason it can be way more difficult to obtain that answer sometimes)
    TL;DR – basically idfk why the *hell* all of FFXIV’s playerbase, whom I know a majority have to be frequenting this site from time to time, yet they ALL seem to avoid the comment section on here like the PLAGUE! Most sites with comment boxes tend to have at LEAST one or two comments on every page! What gives guise? Lol.

    1. There are a lot of comments around on this site, spread out on a large number of pages. The problem is, there’s a large number of pages so most people don’t come across them very often :P People generally stick to using reddit for all their questions and answers.. I usually try to answer anything I see posted here in disqus within a day or two as I don’t check the moderator dashboard more than a couple times per day.

      We definitely need some better way of showing “Person X has just left a comment on Page Y” somewhere, so people can see where people are talking. Right now the only place we have that showing up is here on the WordPress part of the site where the articles and game reviews are done. But on the Wiki itself, there’s no central ‘hub’.. so people only come across a comment if they come across a page where one is posted.

      As a Mod who can see the main dashboard where I can moderate the various things posted, there’s usually like 5 or so comments posted a day, roughly on average, but they’re on a lot of different pages usually.

    2. Even more than Hezkezl’s response, Disqus tends to fail positive when it comes to spam detection. This is kind of problematic when it comes to long-form responses to a prompt like this.

      1. Yea.. Disqus isn’t perfect for detecting spam. A lot of the really obvious spam it misses, while normal long posts (like the one you just made) get flagged by either the system or by somebody clicking a link to flag it.. It’s definitely not a perfect system by a long shot :(

  2. Burnout’s a very difficult thing to work around, because there are so many different causes. You could wind up rushing through a huge portion of the game, for example, throwing yourself into it enough that you wind up dreaming about the MSQ. You could find yourself rushing through Fishing, 1-70, in a matter of days — and then never again want to even touch a fishing pole. In pursuit of a Mentor tag, you could wind up soloing Ifrit after Ifrit to reach that mystical ‘1,000’. (This one’s really nasty.) Or you could just find yourself with social burnout, where in order to keep up with your FC’s schedule and efforts, you wind up utterly and completely stressed.

    The biggest cause of burnout that I’ve personally encountered might be the simplest: you start to feel like the game isn’t a game anymore, but an obligation. You feel like you absolutely have to keep up with the game, to experience everything as fast as everyone else, so that you don’t somehow fall behind and slow the others down. That, or you just want to be around to help your fellows, out of kindness or similar obligations as an FC leader. That’s fine — so long as it’s not to excess. Once your own life starts to suffer in turn, take a step back, maybe a few days of ‘I’m going to be around less’ time. Personal days exist in the workplace for much the same reason.

    The aforementioned ‘fishing 1-70′ sort of burnout can be avoided by taking a break from a routine, rather than focusing on a single aspect of the game. Instead of rushing through the MSQ at every instance, take a break to do some dungeons; instead of focusing on leveling to the sole exclusion of all else, maybe explore a bit, do some of the sightseeing log or fishing log, or some Golden Saucer stuff. Try some PvP, even. Check out the Hildibrand quests if you haven’t, explore a bit of the lore in other ways. And for heavens’ sake, don’t just do the Palace of the Dead 51-60 a hundred times over. I mean, honestly.

    The most important thing really, really is to recognize when you’re getting into a rut, or when you’re starting to feel like the game is no longer fun, and take a step back to reassess, because that’s the first step of burnout, even if it’s only for a few months. And if all else fails… take a week or a month away from the game. Try doing something else: read a few good books, watch a few terrible movies. Maybe even play some of the older Final Fantasy games for a while. You might just come back with a renewed appreciation, and a temporary hiatus sure beats throwing the game away for good.

  3. Can we talk about the raid burnout caused by people’s negative attitudes about others? Cause that’s why I quit raiding.
    (After Bahamut.) I figured eventually someone was gonna shit talk about me behind my back just like they do in every LS I’m in whether it be a dungeon complaint or a pvp complaint. What ever happened to just treating others how they want to be treated? Last I checked I’m not a bot, don’t expect me to be perfect like one. I miss the community we had in 1.0. People actually helped each other.

    1. Oh yes. Raid burnout, and even dungeon burnout, is very much a thing, especially when it comes to other players and their unrealistic expectations. A friend of mine, for example, was healing through the Stone Vigil, and unfortunately, the party had a tank who demanded that the healer pay attention to them, them, and only them — while said tank pulled four groups at a time, ran ahead, and didn’t note that the team really didn’t have enough AoE DPS to deal with the lot. It wiped, hard, repeatedly. My friend was disgusted enough that he just didn’t want to run anything else for the rest of the night, though out of courtesy to the DPS, he finished the run. It’s a microcosm, but I think it speaks of the same issues. When you get into parties like that over and over again, it can really sour a lot of the game for you.

      One problem is that the players ruining the game for everyone else aren’t the same folks who are going to burn out, at least not for that reason. They don’t care what others think of them, they just want to do the runs as fast as possible, or clear the raids over and over, or the like, and damn anyone who they perceive as standing in their way. Fine for them. Hell on everybody else.

      If you can, to avoid that, sometimes it helps to ask around for a low-stress raid linkshell, as I know for a fact that they exist. Ones where learning and completion is a bit more important than being the very best, like no-one ever was. Heck, maybe even join a group where they do minimum iLvl runs. Those are kinda fun, focusing on mechanics primarily. Ah well, just food for thought.

      –Creh T’chiolu

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