FFXIV Content Creator Round-Up 7/18

It’s been quite busy for us since E3! Let’s try to get things back on track and check out the latest releases from some Final Fantasy XIV Content Creators!



Episode 103: Stormblood (audio) (video)

Tune in as we talk about our impressions of the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood! 

We also talk about the most recent live letter and our E3 interview with Naoki Yoshida.

Spoiler Warning! We talk about story elements from Stormblood in this episode!


Episode 92 – Chille on Top

Our special guest Chille joins us for a SPOILER FULL episode, PS4 shut down issue follow-up, simultaneous logout measure follow-up, Adventurer in Need bonus update, LIVE Letter XXXVII reminder, Gather Together Caption Contest reminder, and developer’s blog. Yelta and Rubicon host. Chille guest host.


Episode 120 – Live Letter Fiasco XXXVI (audio) (video)

Hijinks ensue on today’s episode as one of the Hosts reveals on air they’re having a baby?! But more importantly, the crew analyzes some of the answers to come out of the recent Live Letter. It seems Yoshi-P is making a lot of contradicting statements, what do you think? Tune in to find out!


Episode 44: Omega the Matrix (audio) (video)

Shyn is out of town so Flattus sits down with ScarLit to discuss Omega.


Episode 30 – Raving about Spoilers

This is a Spoiler-Cast! There will be FFXIV Stormblood Main Scenario spoilers. Paul and Chille have been spending so much time with Stormblood, they almost forgot to make a podcast! They return from their short hiatus and have to talk about the Stormblood storyline!


Episode 022 – Ala Mhigo: Past, Present, and Future (Part Two)

Though the Stormblood hype train was derailed by technical setbacks, it’s finally taken us all the way to Ala Mhigo — and what a ride it was! This episode features special guests and Ala Mhigan roleplayers Sounsyy Mirke and Avelyn Firestone of Balmung. We sit down to discuss whether Lyse is the real main character of Stormblood, the lives and world views of Fordola and the Crania Lupi (and somehow get back on to the topic of Gaius van Baelsar), what sort of government might best suit the nation, and what you should know when creating your own Ala Mhigan character.

SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for the Stormblood 4.0 main scenario.


Episode 47 – Ermahgerd, dey brerk ar jerbs!

Since its release nearly 3 weeks ago, many players feel the current job balance in Stormblood leaves much to be desired. Klauss, Luna, Seyrr, and Chille discuss their opinions, and share the thoughts of our listeners. Our lore segment this week talks about the Twelve, and whether their existence is Primal in nature, or something else. We also debut our new Twitch emotes in the chat, as well as give a huge thank all our new subscribers and patrons!


Episode 81: Spoilercast Continued

Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. Hope you all had a great 4th of July and got a lot of time to play FFXIV.

This week we continue spoiling the MSQ for you all. This week we are talking about part 1 of Yanxia and all of the Azim Steppe. Next week will take us to our return to Yanxia and through the rest of the MSQ.

In addition to MSQ spoilers we also talk about Omega and spoil the shit out of that for you. Basically we’re sorry if you haven’t done the MSQ or Omega yet. Basically if you aren’t all caught up all we got for you is the greenleaf minute, the news and the community round up. Which now that I type that up, that’s not too bad, just skip the middle part. Just be sure to come back and listen to the rest once you’ve caught up. You don’t wanna miss out on all our crude jokes.

In the greenleaf minute we explain how to start a free company. Our community round-up is about housing and how you should go to http://en.ff14housing.com/ to plan your dream house. In the news we let you know when the next producer live letter is and where to submit your questions.

We had a lot of listener reaction this week and we love that. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to tweet or email us, we really appreciate it. Let us know what you think by tweeting @shehealsitank or emailing [email protected]

We hope you enjoyed the show, be sure to leave us a rating or review if you get some value out of our little podcast. Have a fun week playing FFXIV we’ll talk to you next week. Cheers!





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