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Producer Letter Live XXXVII

15 Jul 2017

These are unofficial and not endorsed by Square Enix. As such, due to the nature of live translating, there may be some mistakes here and there. Be sure to cross reference with the official translation later.


Live Letter has begun! Sounds like Yoshi-P has a bit of a cough. He and Foxclon thank everyone for joining them.


They seem to be enjoying their conversation! Showing off their shirts a bit. Just talking random stuff while the audio is adjusted.


Naoki Yoshida apologizes for the server issues recently, both during early access and the recent problems.


Raubahn’s issue was caused because of an issue where the process that sent you to the fight crashed. By the time they fixed this, so many people tried entering at once that it caused the massive problems you saw everyone talking about.


Next time, that probably won’t happen due to some adjustments they made to the Duty Finder servers.


This Live Letter is focusing primarily on Q&A from the forums, twitter and the event itself.


Q1.) First question is asking about the i270 STR Accessories. What are the planned adjustments?


A1.) 4.05 will see adjustments as stated in a recent forum post. They are going to put STR on Vitality accessories. There won’t be as much STR as Vitality though (meaning you can still meld more STR). They didn’t just put a restriction on the current i270 accessories because players with the accessories still on would not automatically unequip them, so they would just never take them off! Also, about Tenacity, its hard to set the parameters for it so its not super strong.


Q2.) Paladin feels really strong right now. Any adjustments to Dark Knight or Warrior?


A2.) They focused mostly on making any tank ok as Main Tank and Off-tank, not so focused on their damage output. However, Paladins are definitely stronger in both roles, especially in damage, so an increase in the other tanks’ damage is coming. There is also an adjustment coming to Holy Spirit to decrease the potency. They are changing the effect of Shake it Off as well on Warrior. 4.05 and on, the Beast Gauge won’t reduce when stance changing either.

As for Dark Knight, they are going to increase the potency of some of their abilities and adding new effects to other abilities. Please be sure to provide more feedback once Savage is released.


Q3.) Healers. A lot of Role Actions are very useful so players are having a hard time deciding what Role Actions to take. Will you increase the # of Role Actions available for them.


A3.) No, the point of Role Actions is to have a lot of choices. Adding more slots would defeat the purpose.


Q4.) Due to the new gauges, resources like aetherflow or kept cards are not displayed to the party and can be difficult to coordinate. Any plans to adjust this?


A4.) In 4.1, they will make it display both in the job UI and in the party list.


Q5.) Scholars. Due to the removal of a DoT and the Bane nerf, as well as the nerf to the fairy potency, players feel like Scholar is too weak. Are there any planned adjustments?


A5.) 4.05 will see many Scholar adjustments. They are going to give them back Miasma II, only for SCH. They are going to reduce the recast time for some abilities and make adjustments to Aetherflow. Increase the range of other abilities, and so on. As an added mention for Astrologian, a new ability to discard a Spread card will be added. White Mage will also have adjustments made with Cure II procs and Lillies. Plenary Indulgence changes as well.


Q6.) Job gauges were added to create a smaller gap between player skill, but for some jobs it didn’t get easier at all.


A6.) This was unintentional, but we will be making adjustments to jobs and their gauges.


Q7.) Dragoon. The Dragoon’s damage output is pretty low compared to other melee DPS, even with their utility. Any planned adjustments?


A7.) Adjustments are planned for 4.05. To name some, Mirage Dive animation will be shorter and the range on the Dragon Sight will be increased to 12. Elusive Jump will have a 30s recast now. Sonic Thrust will be adjusted. BOTD will be 20s and some potency buffs.


Q8.) Monk. Riddle of Fire slows the Monk’s weaponskill recast, but people who play Monk are used to attacking fast. What was the reason for this?


A8.) They wanted to make it easier to weave abilities and provide more damage. The job should be performing well, so be sure to try it in Savage.


Q9.) Machinist. Heat Gauge seems to have made MCH harder to play and their damage is a bit low.


A9.) Planned adjustments to the heat gauge and the damage dealt by Machinists. Hot Shot will be 8%. Rook and Bishop Turret OVERLOAD will be buffed from 400 to 800 potency.


Q10.) Summoner. Demi-Bahamut is in the way. Help!


A10.) They can’t make him transparent since it adds a lot of stress to the system if it collides with another transparent object. Size adjustment incoming instead, and will be set with a text command (optional). He apologized a lot, but also said that this WON’T be in 4.05, so please wait. There are still discussions going on regarding pets overall.


Q11.) Will there be any adjustments to Physick for Summoner? Red Mage’s cure is too strong!


A11.) But…its Summoner? Red Mage has white magic in their lore! Oh and people are upset that Black Mage doesn’t have raise too…but its a Black Mage! Ultimately no, no planned adjustments, except maybe Vercure changes.


Q12.) Samurai and Red Mage will not be nerfed. Any other planned adjustments?


A12.) Black Mage is getting some MP adjustments, and cast time adjustments for Bliz/Fire IV (down to 2.8s roughly). Also Triplecast Duration (cooldown?) changed to 60s. More job changes in 4.1.


Q13.) Ninja. Its quite strong. Any adjustments?


A13.) Potency change to…gust slash. Slight decrease.


Q14.) Sprint. It is really easy to use now since it doesn’t use TP, but players are unhappy with the recast time. They want to sprint more, at least outside of combat!


A14.) Unsure of exactly what to adjust, so discussions are currently underway. They understand you want to run but…calm down!


Q15.) PVP. Could they make a change that gives you the EXP on the job you entered with and not the job you exit with, so you can change job if need be once inside?


A15.) That is pretty difficult to do system-wise. They are currently working on it though.


Q16.) Any adjustments to skills planned for when you level sync? Especially playing old dungeons is quite underwhelming, since they don’t flow as well as high level content.


A16.) Not touching any abilities, but they are planning on some changes to the dungeon mobs, such as HP.

Q17.) Can we get a 24 man raid roulette?


A17.) It is currently planned for 4.1. Also you will be able to make Alliances cross-server. Oh and for Labyrinth of the Ancients they are going to make adjustments so that you only need 1 tank per party, but unsure of when this will be ready.


Q18.) There are issues with Achievements to the old level 50/60 Frontlines maps (which are in the roulette), since players don’t want to do them! Any adjustments planned?


A18.) Eventually they will make adjustments to these maps but there are some other things that need attention first. Expect weekly rotations of game modes to help encourage participating in other maps.


Q19.) A lot of players like the story for Omega: Deltascape. Will they put in any secret or unknown stories in the game using the Interdimensional Rift (referencing other FF games)?


A19.) The reason why they put Omega in is because a lot of their current developers actually worked in the industry around the time FF5 released and are big fans of it. They wanted to implement the FF5 universe inside of FF14 that makes sense in some way and the development team is quite stressed trying to ensure that players expectations are met with the future of the Omega Story. They are working hard to please be sure to look forward to it!


They are also currently working on the “Super Savage” content that can only be entered if you clear the final fight in Omega: Savage. However, its not necessarily a 5th encounter in Omega. More information will come at a later Live Letter close to 4.1. Yoshida promises it will be chaotic though.


Normal Savage releases in Tuesday and will be mostly the same difficulty as The Creator (Savage). The final fight is more difficult than Creator though.


Q20.) Will we be able to do the sniper-mini game in the actual raid/dungeon content?!


A20.) Wha…no! It was just for better variety during the MSQ, and plans for more stuff like this in the MSQ will come later.


Q21.) Can we please replay the special event in the Azim Steppe at some point? The one instance from the MSQ.


A21.) They will add something in the future to replay events like this, but not sure when.


Q22.) Are there plans for Namazu Minions and Plushies in game or as merchandise?


A22.) He didn’t say yes or no…just talked about the Namazu a bit. (Not part of the translation but we know the Namazu minion is part of the Lost Canals of Uznair in 4.05).


Q23.) Will we get more sub story in the Azim Steppe, such as for the NPC who is looking for a wife?


A23.) Maybe at a later date.


Q24.) I really like the final boss fight of the MSQ, especially since he literally pops out of a chest like in FF5! Was this intentional?


A24.) Actually…yes, that was intentional. Yoshida himself actually hated that chest in FF5. He opened it and got destroyed! He went to the developer of FF5 when he joined Square Enix and told him, and the dev told him “eh, so what? I died too!”. They also said they currently have no intentions of nerfing this final encounter. They might make an EX version too…


Q25.) Speaking of the final MSQ, the garden at the top of the castle is very nice. Can we revisit it any time?


A25.) They will make adjustments so that you can go hang out there whenever you want, just not soon. Its weather/time is actually set for the scenes that take place here, so they want to make it so it copies the time you enter and maintains that.


Q/A26.) Adjustments to inventory space. So they have the data on how much it stresses the server…and its A LOT. They have to make further adjustments before implementation, so don’t expect it in 4.1. All in all, they need more time to gather more data. Q26-2.) A question that came in after this statement asks if they can increase Retainer inventory as well.


A26-2.) Retainers work differently than player inventory, in terms of the data. They are going to gather more data and then add more at a later date.


Q27.) The turtle mount underwater is really weird when it spits out fire. Also, this same player wants the Elbst mount to be able to swim. Any thoughts?


A27.) Same animation since its the same in air or under water. Remember, the mounts are benefiting from magic!


Q28.) Why does Zenos’ Katana holder spin and why does he have so many.


A28.) It spins because its cool and he has so many because they break when he kills people, next!


Q29.) Can we get more jumping puzzles like the Kugane one? Even higher!


A29.) If you go any higher it will create some graphical issues! They aren’t too hard to add in terms of resources, but the developers do put a lot of time into them! They do plan on doing more in the future.


Q30.) Will we meet Estinien again?


A30.) If players want to, then yes! Yoshida likes to believe Estinien is a Scion and that he is watching the Warrior of Light from afar.


Q/A 31.) Zone congestion was deemed gone, so they removed instances…but they are going to bring them back in 4.05. It will be 3 instances again IN THE LOCHS ONLY (due to Ixion).


Q32.) Savage Info


  • Reward structure is mostly the same, with some new additions
    • One item directly from the coffer will be available from O4S that can exchanged for one weapon of choice.
      • It it similar to the items used in the level 70 job quests. Once obtained, it can be used in major cities. When used, it will produce a weapon for whatever job you are currently on. So if you use it while on Black Mage, it will become a Black Mage weapon.
    • Also, weapons will drop directly, so you could get two weapons you need in one kill.
    • There is a nutkin hiding one of the rewards!
  • Also, some images of the new Genji Armor was shown.
  • Also a new image from the Lost Canals of Uznair was shown (the final armor set they showed was also in the Blog Post for Uznair).


Q33.) Lost Canals of Uznair


  • Also introduced in 4.05 alongside Savage
  • Updated version of the Aquapolis.
  • Lots of Lore implications.
  • Yoshida asked the developers of this why the coins aren’t falling into a bucket. They responded by telling him they were only chocolate coins.


Wrap up for the 1st half of the Live Letter.


Annnd we are back for the second half! Joining them now is the Art Director Hiroshi Minagawa who works on the UI.


He starts by explaining his role on the team. He used to be a lead UI artist and focused solely on the UI. Now he’s the director and also working on other art stuff, such as lightning, BG art and staff management. He has a lot more work now! He is also the one responsible for adjustments to graphics and fields in Stormblood.


Q1.) So for job gauges, it feels like it is just one extra place to look, since some procs happen there and some don’t. Any plans to make it possible to track these things on the UI?


A1.) Yes, more adjustments are planned. It can be quite troublesome to have some procs (like Pitch Perfect) appear on the UI but others (Such as Refulgent Arrow) do not. Buffs and Debuffs are also going to be split in the UI so you can adjust them separately.


Q2.) When will the previously mentioned “Simple UI” feature be added?


A2.) Aiming for Patch 4.1. Also planning on adding the ability to adjust transparency of the UI elements.


Q3.) Adjustments to target buff/debuffs to help display them better, also going to work on the Focus target itself as well.


Q4.) In the PF, the content that is locked, can players get a filter to not display unavailable instances instead of showing them as locked?


A4.) Yes, this is currently in the works. There is no reason for content in the PF to show if the player does not have access to it.


Q5.) Side-question, what other projects have you worked on recently?


A5.) Worked on The Zodiac Age, worked on the logo and their UI a bit. He did work on the ORIGINAL FF12 as well, so it was only natural for him to help with Zodiac Age. With Return to Ivalice coming up soon in Final Fantasy XIV, Matsuno and he have been working together closely, then drinking after work!


Q6.) Would it be possible to put actions that you haven’t yet acquired on the hotbar?


A6.) You might have noticed, but if you go to your Action List, you can see actions you haven’t acquired yet, even the ones from quests, so you can already see them. They are currently discussing whether or not you should be able to place abilities on the hotbar before they are acquired.


Q7.) Can we get the ability to rearrange our linkshell list?


A7.) Currently the focus on working on cross-world linkshells as opposed to reordering them. Since the system for linkshells may change a bit when that is implemented, they would like to make those adjustments first. They might do it though since the system is changing anyway.


Q8.) Can we change the size of NPC names?


A8.) Its possible, but the size of other markers would change as well. If that is fine then ok, but otherwise its difficult to adjust them all individually.


Q9.) Might make a history list for glamour, so you can see your previously used glamours. Only available in certain locations. There are also other major changes coming to glamour.


Q10.) What is your biggest fail and your biggest success and how you overcame that failure?


A10.) When he was supposed to be in college, he was actually working part time in games. He lied to his parents about attending school and when they found out they almost killed him.


Q11.) Can the chat window disappear when its inactive and reappear when active?


A11.) It is definitely possible so yeah, might do it.


Q12.) So the region maps for 3.0/4.0 were very easy to make, but the 2.0 ones were a bit harder.


Q13.) Can we get lodestone updates and news in the game itself?


A13.) It would be very difficult to make a new UI specifically for this, but if you don’t mind just a browser window in-game we can do that.


Q14.) Do you want to implement any VR in the game?


A14.) He does, personally (The UI Director that is).




FFXIV Orchestra Concert 2017

  • Additional performance was added on September 24th
  • Pre-sale starts on July 22nd for the 4th performance.

FFXIV Orchestral Mini-Album

  • Contains some songs from the concert in September. Standard CD Format
  • Will be a Blu Ray version at some point with every song.
  • Sold outside of Japan

Four Year anniversary Stream

  • September 1st, 14 hour live broadcast for the 4th anniversary of FF14.
  • They want to do it on the 1st instead of the August 27th (the actual anniversary) due to other conventions and events Yoshida is traveling for.

Official Stormblood Guide for DoW/DoM and Dungeons

  • Self explanatory, tips and guides on the different jobs and dungeons
  • Japan only
  • On Sale September 8th.

Eorzea Cafe Three Year Anniversary

  • Starting July 20th through August 31st there will be new menu items and placemats based on Wondrous Tails.
  • Akihabara and Osaka
  • For a limited time, a Yokohama branch will open up during this time

Pre-orders for Plush Cushion Fat Chocobo

  • On sale Tuesday July 25th
  • $50 NA


  • Final Fantasy Lost Stranger
    • Monthly Shonen Gangan Written by someone who played both FF11 and FF14. This is set in Final Fantasy in general, not just FF14.
  • Also a Dengeki Light Novel.
  • To Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy this year.


So with the launch of Stormblood and the Dad of Light series, there are a lot of new players throughout the world. Thank you for joining Final Fantasy XIV. They want to focus on putting lots of new content systems in 4.X, so please look forward to it.