Memories of Vana'diel: Players

30 May 2017

In our final installment of Memories of Vana’diel, we’re sharing Final Fantasy XI memories from you, the players!

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Aerinravage Aside from working my WHM magic in dire situations & all of us pulling through, starting WotG at launch and getting DNC was awesome! Also, bonding with small group of friends! Siren
Aisere Dunes party: I solo healed and kept a PLD alive despite crazy pulls. After disbanding a friend invited me to a LS. The PLD was a member of that LS. She and I stuck together like glue after that. Fenrir
Aizenmyou All the crazy things we did in BlueRats LS. Mimaru! I’m looking at you! Pandemonium
Alfy Exploring a completely new world, not knowing just how important to me it would become, with two dear friends Reikan and Tanith. Ramuh
Alfylicious 13 years since NA launch… Enjoying complete mastery of my job, having fully explored a world like no other. Looking forward to a phenomenal conclusion. Asura
Angelhauke I would say zeroing Kirin back in the day at level 75 without a relic to our names and only players wearing dynams and sky gear in 52 secs was definitely a great memory for all of us in Skynet. Sylph
Angy Returning home to s’andoria after obtaining my sub job, then making the treck to Jeuno. Ifrit
Arciele The day when I unlocked my dream job, the Summoner in La Theine Plateau.. and I looked up into the sky and could see a rainbow. It was just so beautiful. Bahamut
Astronema My first Sunbreeze Festival back on Midgardsormr as Slvrfox in 2006 was cool. The fireworks in the sky and the music was awesome. And the goldfish scooping was fun. Great memories of the event. Quetzalcoatl
Binahel I will never forget the first time I saw Sanctuary of Zi’tah. The beauty of the crystals in the forest, glowing in a surreal mix of nature and magic. My first real adventure. Fairy
Boricua (From beta) Took Ferry to Mhaura but we didn’t have a map! I heard {Windurst}{Do you need it?} A WHM AF wearing Mithra walked us through Buburimu, Tahrongi and to the gates of Windurst! Fenrir
Brinz Ill never forget the first time stepping into that world and how massive it was, it was both impressive and terrifying.New to MMOs I was quickly killed, another player raised me and I was hooked since Bismarck
Bubanka Leaving a trail of death in Yhoator Jungle with a parade of goblins and tonberries lead into the camp sites. Carbuncle
Chiisai As a Tarutaru, I would run around Bastok looking for Galkas. The large Galka players gave me the impression they surely were rich, so I would ask and cry for gil. They were usually very generous too! Caitsith
Corwinis Before any patch work, the goblin/haunt train to Selbina wiping all young adventurers who is attempting to zone. Leviathan
Dekusutaa Completing Promyvion leg of the Chains of Promathia quest and hearing the flutes play as the screen fade from black into the green fields of Lufaise Meadows. Still my favourite zone. Bismarck (Seraph)
Dragkon Play & exploring the world with my best friend Busko! That & soloing my Emp -1 Kujata
Elqplau Being told to run away at lvl 20 from maze shag Odin
Eorae Becoming a Tarudin for the first time! ^-^b
Taru Power ‘-‘)/
Erlayn The many friends I met during my adventures over the 13 years of playing FFXI. And the one who stuck it out with me the entire time. Titan/Phoenix
Flgators Making a new friend, alongside my old friend, going to the top of the waterfall in Gustaberg to just sit and talk, or fish little silly fishes while talking. We pondered the world back then. Siren
Frostydsnnowman The first time I finally got to Sky, me and my buddy grinded forever to get there.. Nemoraw. What a beauty. Leviathan
funkdolph Has to be my 1st time doing dynamis with full alliance! The music was so intense I played in awe and amazement the whole way through! Amazing memories from an amazing game :) Phoenix
Gargamale/Datak Sky with my friends . Man I miss you guys Unicorn/levi
Genobreaker Taking a year to level Dark Knight to Lv75! it was an agonizing experience but one accomplishment I’ll never forget! Long Live Vana’diel~ Bismark
Giantguy Asura
Gylfie My friend and I, under level 10 – no higher jobs, brand new to the game – journeyed all the way to Windurst from San d’Oria, meeting the pirates and Silverhook on our first trip on the boat ever! Shiva
Hoturi Doing sky with my endgame LS after we had unlocked our first relic weapon back in 2007. Pandemonium/Asura
Ihi Before the expansions, sitting in Valkrum with my LS, killing crabs, helping people get subs! Such a tight community then! Remora
Jerynh I’d have to say my fondest memory was finally beating the Promyvions in CoP. FFXI was a simple place back then, and finally being able to explore Lufaise with my friends was all the reward I needed! Asura
Kawar Logging on with the idea of doing something coming to find i was having more fun with what ever they were talking about and min turned to hours. Fairy/Sylph
Kawar Meeting all the faces i came out ever day to see. finding out that my pld was needed for a party that went on longer then i wanted but i never mined Fairy/Sylph
Kidzukai One of the most memorable things I can think of is going into Promyvion when CoP was new with a full 18 man Linkshell alliance. It was pure mayhem but I’ll never forget it. Fairy
klim I started playing at US PS2 launch and was about to quit after my free month was up. After helping someone finish a quest they sent me my first friend request and gave me a linkpearl. Still playing :) Carbuncle
Korvana While waiting to unweaken from a very difficult Abyssea NM, I figured out how to chain all of my Dragoon Jump and SP abilities together, and barely defeated the boss in time for server maintenance. Asura
Kraeia Walking through the highlands going to the Dunes I was a new adventurer. As I came over the hill I saw the massive Steelfleece Baldarich! That was when I realized how vast Vana’diel is. Asura
Kuroz My fondest memory would have to be when I finally got my monster signa for my bard. Took 4 tries before we finally got the drop and the group was so supportive. Caitsith
Kyrja Enjoying the music in any zone, leveling in old school parties where people used skillchains and magic bursts. Running through Kuftal Tunnle, hoping Guivre wasn’t around the corner. Originally from Phoenix
Lambtor Full besieged, Medusa charmed the entire area, except for me. 40+ people and a boss coming after me. Kited everyone in 1st person long enough to land a slug shot on the boss while running backwards. Carbuncle
Laoshan My first relic (Mandau) after a long time of hard work & the friends I made through years of playing! Bahamut
Latarma Meeting some people who became great frieds of mine to this day 10 years later Asura
Lloid Goblin artifact on the Phoenix server were the best group of people a MMO had to offer. From Motegi helping me get the monster signa to Destasio and his brother Stasis pushing me through the story. Phoenix
Lookatme Talking to the friends I made in my Linkshell for hours while hanging out in Upper Jeuno. The people I met made the game for me. 2002-2006 Quetzalcoatl
Loona When I started the game, I did so in Bastok, but my offline friends were based on Windurst – so one of them took me through the whole path between both cities to join them. Remora
Loopah One of my fondest memories has to be farming Hoo Mjuu the Torrent with my cousin. We setup or PCs in one room during spring break one year and farmed Hoo Mjuu day and night. So much fun :D Fenrir
Lucas My greatest memory is about a friend. Her name is Nymphe. She’s a joyous Mithra Ranger who’s like a partner. We met outside Bastok when I save her from a few Young Quadavs when nobody would. Unicorn
Malatyr Standing outside of Bastok with my first character, dinging WHM level 7, and eagerly casting “Protect” on every single person who entered S. Gustaberg. Asura
Mathew hanging out with all my lnikshell friends on ventrillo before, after and during sky events Sylph
Mcdohl I used to hunt Megalobugard with a friend. We became pros at it. We even fooled other hunters a couple of times. In retrospective, I did it more to spend time with my friend than to make $. /cry Leviathan
Miroku I met three of my absolute best friends in a Sky shell 9 years ago after one of our first Byakko. I’ve talked to them since then and they’ve changed my life in more ways than they’ll ever know. Asura
Mitsubachi My first time entering Jeuno. I was a 20 whm, and I felt such a sense of accomplishment for braving the vast areas of strong mobs(with the help of my PLD friend) Remora
Mortificator Just learned Tele-mea and dropping off a group of heroes, my chat log filled with calls of help unanswered as i went to save her i would be meeting my future wife in game and out.
-April 2005
Mrhappy My friend who got me into the game convinced me to go to Pashhow Marshlands at level 8, where he trained mobs to the zone to kill me. Valefor
Oelitto Besides the great people I’ve met in ffxi, my fondest memories would be running through the story-lines, and the level 1 death races to Jeuno. Carbuncle
Pawkeshup My fondest memory was founding the OrderOfTheTaru linkshell. We would run around as a group of tiny cute tarus having fun. It’s in that linkshell that I made so many friends. Ramuh back with this
Phafi While doing WoTG missions, I kited out the zone from Castle Zvahl [S]. Zoning to the Bailey with 7HP and Bio, a cutscene started where Volker said “Phafi! Thank the Goddess you’re safe.”

And I lived.

Pooont I met up with my linkshell, Sugoii, at a fan fest in San Francisco around 2002. We all had a blast playing games and laughing through the night. Unicorn
Punchatrain I’ll never forget the day my Dynamis LS cancelled a run just to help me get a Joyeuse. They didn’t need to, but it was that moment when I felt like I was more important to others than I had thought. Carbuncle
Reddrag Promyvions. Ouryu. Chains of Promanthia. I’ve done a lot in FFXI, but this expansion is my fondest memory. The fights, story and friendships created from CoP is something I could never forget. Shiva
Roin My fondest memory would have to be trekking the Promyvion zones solo, just for fun, back when it was still capped. Bismarck
Roxxas Having to buy NIN gear that was level 30/40/50 through the Promyvions and beyond in CoP because you couldn’t wear gear that was above the cap. Good. Times. Kujata
Saitoe I went to take a bathroom break during a tiamat fight. I was in such a hurry i didn’t bother turning on the light. I was aiming for a splash, but i never heard one. I pissed all over my wall and floor Pandemonium
Sigmund The day I meet Darkmagician. That vague but I guess my fondest it just being new to everything. Looking forward to at least a few more good years. Thank you, SE /bow. Seraph
ssvegetto camping HNM Kings (fafnir, KB), doing sky & sea, clearing Dynamis-Xarcabard for the first time, getting full Morrigan gear for my BLM. Odin
SteveCof “I see you are lvl 18. Do you need help getting that Magicked Skull?” Onerous, I haven’t seen you in forever, but exactly at that moment, you made me love this game. Thank you. Phoenix
Tahngarthor My automaton last-hitting Promathia to finish the CoP missions when the rest of the party was wiped! Shiva
Tecan Staying up all night on day 10 Nidhoggs with my linkshell, sleeping in between windows. Fenrir
Thelona Getting to play it on Youtube for many to share the experience. Sylph
Towerguard Just hanging out with AFK friends that had drifted apart in the analog world Sylph
Trixi Avoiding monsters in low level parties was always fun. Whether it was mpk trains, using sneak/invisible, sleeping a group and hoping escape goes off, or trying to zone only to come out dead. Ragnarok
Tyralak Adventuring with friends in the Linkshell. Seraph
Urthdigger Reading the manual while patching the game and finding the crafting system so cool. Oh how naive I was! Unicorn
Uziel My favorite memory pulling an all nighter with my friends defeating all the avatars so we could finally face Fenrir. Not only did we defeat them all, we also cleared the record time. Best night ever! Ragnarok
Wafuru Going to Purgonorgo Isle with my friends for beach parties and clam digging, then watching the sun set from the western beach. Cerberus
Xaumby LS Parties in Bastok Market. Mass suiciding on lv1 jobs by drinking poison potions. Connecting with people. Asura
Xya Brenner matches with my Linkshell mates. So much salt, so much love. PS & FED for life, love & miss you all. Leviathan
Yatsuhiko During the FFXI Hawaii Tour, I took part in the Tarutaru Marathon. I was Bogard and accidentally entering Tav. Safehold and seeing a cutscene that had not come out yet. And then a Gigas stomped me. Phoenix
Yedythe / Edyth For years, my bestie Lillyana/Annisya/Annyka and I loved to hang out, PT in E Ronfaure S & Wajaom Woods, farm in Kuftal w/NPCs, FoV in Cape Terrigan, CoP missions, hunt NMs, and duo new jobs randomly. Midgardsormr / Quetzalcoatl
Yunni Best memories: Feeling welcomed by a random person’s kindness in my home city of San d’Oria and my daunting first journey to Valkurm Dunes. Getting sat on by Galka when dead, not so much. Pandemonium
Zerrin Playing as a galka, the events of the Bastok storyline really stuck with me; I strove to find a way to make my brothers happy, and to save the Shadow Lord’s true self. Bahamut
Zidaga My first boat ride from Mhaura to Selbina. All fun and games until the pirates shows up! What a surprise that was. Kujata
Zith Every moment that you were in sync with your team. Every cure Beacan gave. Every time I used Invincible. I knew it could be a good day to die! Asura
Zubis Fighting CoP 6-4 pre-nerf as PLD with my static party. Everyone said just level NIN, but my party stubbornly insisted it should be done as PLD.

It took 17 tries and 6 weeks. Rock on Team Nyiri <3


These comments were gathered in October 2015