Jumping Potions Confirmed For Stormblood Early Access

During today’s Live Letter, Naoki Yoshida confirmed that jumping potions will be making their way to Final Fantasy XIV, and they’ll be arriving in time for Stormblood’s early access June 16th.

We previously broke the news of the jumping potion possibly making its way to the game at E3 last year and the community response was, to say the least: mixed.

Check out the rest of the information from Letter From the Producer LIVE XXXVI here.

Our Reasoning

  • Alleviates playtime disparity between new and veteran players
  • Lessens time required to reach end-game content
  • Increases opportunities to play with friends and family



  • Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn $18
    • Completes all MSQ up to Patch 2.55’s Before the Dawn
  • Tales of Adventure: Heavensward (includes ARR) $25
    • Completes all MSQ quests up to patch 3.56’s The Far Edge of Fate


  • No Job level restrictions
  • Chocobos earned during ARR’s MSQ will be automatically given a name.
  • Grand Company will be set to the players starting city-state
  • Completion of Main Scenario Quests
  • Completion of select Sidequests
    • First time Dungeon bonuses will still occur
  • All cutscenes will be viewable in The Unending Journey


  • Will boost one job to level 60 $25
    (different Tales of Adventure for each job)


  • A full set of level 60 gear (including weapon)
  • All Job Quests completed
  • All Actions learned
  • Hall of the Novice Access Granted
  • Only one can be used per account until Patch 4.1
  • No job potions available for RDM or SAM

40 thoughts on “Jumping Potions Confirmed For Stormblood Early Access

  1. Thank goodness… been wanting to level up another character but didn’t feel like playing through ARR again. :)

  2. One major step towards becoming yet another pay to win mmo. They’ll reap lots of cash in the short term, but this will kill player interest in the game in the long run. Going to kill me watching this game die.

    1. Because everyone enjoys leveling through ARR content again. Because everyone loves leveling through Heavensward content again. Because everyone wants to run PotD for the millionth time.

      There’s a fairly short list of things you can do to level up when you do all the sidequests and MSQ.

    2. This game isn’t any closer to being P2W because there are Mounts on the Mog Station for people to buy. This game isn’t any closer to being P2W because they’re releasing these jump potions to let people avoid the tedious slog of leveling a character to 50. This game isn’t any closer to being P2W because you can buy the 2.0 pre-order items (or clones of them, rather) on the Mog Station. This game isn’t being any closer to P2W because you can buy glamour items on the Mog Station.

      Any time this game does something that somebody doesn’t like, it always gets labeled as being minutes away from a P2W game, or to use your example: “another step towards being Pay to Win”..

      It’s not going to happen.

    3. I don’t thing you truly know what “Pay to Win” means, there is no advantage to those buying the boosts from those who don’t. The only factor is those who have lives, work for a living, etc. can have the leisure to play another job without the hassle of grinding 300+ potd just to play. If it was pay to win then it would be giving the player the current content max level character PLUS a full set of max gear that you would normally get from days of dungeons etc. So stop crying kid.

    4. Yes because that mandatory MSQ was not killing new player interest. You want the game not to die? Then you should want new players. New players do not want to do over 400 MSQ quests just to get to the current content.

    5. People love throwing around pay to win without using it correctly at all. They are not getting ANYTHING over you. It’s not a PVP game where someone can throw 100 dollars and get gear better than free players.
      Also, It wont make players any worse than they already are. People who want to rush through and not try have been doing it for a long time. I constantly get people who aren’t geared and don’t want to listen to mechanics. But it will help those who want to level alts or other classes faster to have more time spent actually playing dungeons. People who want to be carried and not help others use PF and put ‘no bonus hurrfdurf’ anyway. Also POTD leveling is easy and doesn’t make players better, and it’s still what everyone does. Not pay to win.

    6. Personally, I’m pumped. I’ve got friends on other servers that I want to run around with, but don’t want to transfer servers, and leveling new alts and doing the same quests for the sixth time gets really, really boring. This is the perfect middle ground.

    7. If you can buy gil/savage-tier equipment/highest level anima weapons
      from Mogstation then that’s Pay-To-Win, cause you’re not really winning an awful lot from reaching level 60 or completing main story quests up to 3.56.

    8. yeah sure, try catching up a msq that will take your months and call it p2w top kek

  3. I really cannot support the decision they made here, I sincerely hope this will be the only pay to win thing they implement but I have the feeling this isn’t the last thing we’ll see…

    1. P2W is being able to purchase something with real money to give you an advantage in doing ingame content. Please explain to me how this is P2W.

      1. It’s not, it’s called catching up and it is a whole lot better that botting your way to 60. Now, this is sure to spark a decline to botting because not only does it do what levelbotting does, but it’s a whole lot better and waaaaaay more kosher.

      1. Yes I know very well what p2w means my friend, I have seen it far too many times. Now, FFXIV will probably not devolve into a free to play p2w game since it still has a big playerbase. But do you know what MMO’s almost always introduce as the start of a microtransaction mayhem? That’s right, instant leveling items. Believe me, this is not at all the first time I have seen this happen to games I love(d)

        1. Ok let me say it this way since I kind of misspoke in my first comment, it will not be a hardcore pay to win game since it will probably not turn free to play in the foreseeable future. HOWEVER MMO’s that introduce instant leveling items often then slip and fall on the slippery slope that is microtransactions and then introduce stuff like power potions/epic weapon upgrade materials and stuff that can pretty much only be realistically gained with microtransactions. I have seen many games make that very mistake

        2. It won’t be pay to win at all. You’re not winning anything.

        3. You are currently winning time and effort that others have to put in to level, now, that isn’t really a problem, but it’s a bad omen because maybe soon you’ll be winning extra buffs and weapon/armor powerups that others simply can’t realistically get, this is a very real possibility, I hope I am wrong, but it’s very much possible they’ll sneak something like that in, and THEN it becomes a real problem.

  4. I support this idea. My only concern would be brand new players getting the jump up to recent content didn’t have the time to learn their skills/spells/rotations. There are raids that require certain dps benchmarks etc. to hit otherwise it’s a wipe and newbies may not how to play their roles optimally.

    1. People already don’t know their rotations/skills/spells as is. WoW is a good example of this going into effect. There are plenty of people who take the time to learn the class after they boost, but there are also plenty that don’t. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t really seen more of one or the other since the change occured a few years back.

      1. People who raid in wow like myself will give the game an honest look now because of this. If anything the concern people should have is loosing their raid spots.

        1. ew, and nasty. I left wow to get away from the majority of that community and the toxicity. I guess it shouldn’t surprise those who already enjoy the game that a lazy shortcut versus actually playing and learning things like mechanics and gameplay that things like the msq and class quests force you to know and learn; is what it takes for even that community’s ‘raid capable’ to get involved.

        2. If you’re under the impression that playing through the main story is what teaches you how to play your class and job, you’re sadly mistaken lol. Sure, they do teach you *some* things. But nobody learns everything there is about their class through the easy mode duties.

          Jump potions are a complicated issue, and just dismissing it as people wanting a ‘lazy shortcut’ is just silly.

        3. I’ve got a few friends starting out and so I’m seeing a lot of the early dungeons again, and they’re absolutely packed with new players. There might be an influx of level 60s who don’t know what they’re doing but I haven’t seen any more than usual in endgame content. It’s still very, very possible to reach level 60 legitimately and not know things – hang out in Novice chat for a bit and see how many Returning mentors are asking bizarrely basic things now (or demand that people all speak English in the All Languages chat, and every few hours a Returning mentor will angrily demand to be let out of the Novice chat.)

        4. With that attitude, it sounds like you were apart of that toxicity.

        5. Not wanting people in your community is just as toxic a mindset. Watch out for your raidspot snowflake

    2. In fairness a lot of jobs play completely differently at cap to when leveling.

  5. Its not “PayToWin”, that phrase got old, real fast. And there have been MANY people who have already purchased a 60 account from improper means, this is just a direct counter measure against one manner of RMT.

    The only negative thing is that now there’s going to be level 60’s running around going “Lul, new healer, what buttons do I press?”, nobody understanding basic mechanics (imagine trying to explain kiting!) and the old-guard having to play teacher if they want to do content, from day 1, because SE didn’t think this through enough.

    1. “this is just a direct counter measure against one manner of RMT.”

      THIS. We have seen too many leveling bots infiltrate this game and SE decided it had enough of this and is offering casual players who won’t have time to go through the game due to the real world by offering an option that is sanctioned by the company. In fact, this is long overdue and should have been implemented when HW came out at the earliest.

  6. would much rather see a crazy exp boost system. that way, new players don’t flood end-game content and shit everywhere while the rest of their party has to pick up the slack. veterans still level up really quickly, they can still grind out challenges from the log and new players still have to go through the steps of learning their character properly. it’ll end up being even worse if it doesn’t reimburse you for all the MSQ exp you lost out on, cause then you’ve just given up your best exp farm. either way, really surprised they went this direction even after seeing what it did to world of warcraft.

  7. What I’m interested in is if Scholar/Summoner will level both to 60. The way the game works now it probably would, but not sure how the class system is going to change going into SB… If it does work I’m throwing my money on that because bam 2 for 1

  8. We need more idiots in the top things, dying in any less difficult raids.

  9. Fantastic. At long last, I get to make a jump to SAM after jumping WHM to 60 from 40 with this potion and play as SAM the first day of Early Access. Hell yeah!

    1. There are no jump potions for SAM or RDM and you only need Lvl 50 to unlock either.

      1. I won’t have much need to do WHM other than advance in the MSQ!. There are a ton of lower-level quests that the HW JP did not flag and that EXP will go to my SAM so I have a better chance of besting the Master.

  10. I think jump potions should only be available after they have level 1 character to 60

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