Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood PvP Changes

During today’s Letter From the Producer Live, Naoki Yoshida covered all of the changes coming for PvP in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Check out all the details below.

Check out the rest of the information from Letter From the Producer LIVE XXXVI here.

Current Issues

  • Level Restrictions too high
  • Too many job actions
  • PvP is not PvE
  • Overly complex controls

PvP System Changes

  • Level Restriction Removal
    • Any job over level 30 can participate
  • PvP Attributes Determined by Role
    • Tank/Healer/Melee DPS/Range DPS/Caster
    • Gear affects appearance only
  • PvP Hotbars for Each Job

PvP Action Changes

  • All PvP Actions are now PvP-specific
    • 9 actions per job + 2 selectable actions + Adrenaline Rush
    • Allows for adjustment without affecting PvE balance
  • Direction requirements for Melee DPS have been removed
  • Consolidated combos free up hotbar space
  • Less Complexity = More Maneuverability 

5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood PvP Changes

  1. PvP (EASY MODE). It was a joy competing as a DRK in The Feast 4v4 Solo even though the tides were always against that Tank class and the wait times abysmal. I hope that one day you’ll enable chat again so that we can teach our fellow Feasters or Frontliners how to play right (we had a strong community on Aether before you disabled chat). After you guys announced this I know of a bunch of FFXIV PvP Dischord servers that were cut (apparently people don’t like this change at all, saying that PvP is now dead). I welcome all to get back to me and try to keep this PvP community strong. We’ve been through the ringer already, this level 30 stuff will be a breeze to us current PvPers now. Ever since JoeNeverFails talked about The Feast I’ve been a dedicated fan.

  2. This is moderately upsetting.. especially after SE has done such a great job revamping the PvP in FF. No more min/maxing in PvP (even though the edge in that was debateable), less skills = less variation between a bad player and a good player. No more melee stuns? Okay then. Plz go.

  3. While I would agree with the devs that PvP in the game was difficult to approach, there is a level of sophisticaiton in it right now that seems like it will go away. I will reserve judgement until I see it, however it is quite concerning to see them make such radical changes to actions and such.

  4. Just give me my pvp mounts and glamour gear!

  5. So are spending AP to buy PvP actions not a thing anymore?

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