Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Battle System Changes

During today’s Letter From the Producer Live, Naoki Yoshida covered all of the changes coming to the Battle System for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. We have details and screenshots showing off Role Actions and some of the new Job HUD in the details below!

Check out the rest of the information from Letter From the Producer LIVE XXXVI here.

Current Issues

  • Overly complex
  • Too m any actions, not enough hotbar space
  • Overemphasis on status icon management
  • Core vs casual player disparity
  • Lack of synergy between jobs

Additional Actions

  • Abolishing Additional Actions
  • Replacing them with Role Actions
    Tank/Healer/Melee DPS/Ranged DPS/Caster

Some actions may be removed from specific Jobs at the start of 4.0. Those actions will appear greyed out on your hot bars.

Yoshida-san then showed off the Role actions for the different groups:

Damage done by healers will now be calculated by MND instead of INT. Because of this, Clerics Stance will no longer swap the two, but instead increase damage dealt for a short period of time. This ability is now part of Healer Role Actions.

Job Gauges (Job HUD)

  • New Heads-up Graphical Displays
    • Specialized for each job’s unique actions
    • Increased visibility regarding current stance
    • Emphasis on visual rather than numerical cues

Additionally, more simplified job gauges are currently in development.

Job Action Adjustments

  • Removal of Unused/Underused Actions
    • Merging/Creating New Role Actions
    • Automatic Replacement of Upgraded Spells
      • Example Stone>Stone II>Stone III>Stone IV
        • Only one action slot required to cast them all!
  • This should cause less stress for gamepad users


Other Notes (misc)

  • Parry is being removed from gear. In its place will be Tenacity. It raises the damage dealt by you, and damage received will be reduced. Tenacity is a Tank only attribute.
  • Accuracy is being removed and replaced by “Direct Hit”. Hitting the enemy from the front will have a 100% success rate. Hitting from the sides or behind will yield an even high rate. Debuffs such as Blind will (obviously) affect this. Direct Hit can also proc along with a critical hit. You can tell when this happens because exclamation points will appear next to the damage dealt.
  • Piety is now a sub-attribute. It will only be available on gear for Healers.
  • Casting timers are now gone from Bard and Machinist
  • Sprint no longer consumes TP


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