Memories of Vana'diel

10 May 2017

Years ago we announced a project: a digital magazine to celebrate Final Fantasy XI. That project was intended to be released with the conclusion of the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel story. However, due to several reasons, the project was pushed back. Sadly after that, the project was slowly forgotten, with life simply getting too busy for some of the core people involved, myself included.

With the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI approaching, I’ve decided that it’s a good time to release some of the content that we had gathered for the project. There were several people who took time to contribute to the project and it’s a shame that their work hasn’t been seen yet. Starting next week, we’ll be sharing FFXI memories from various groups, every week, until the end of the month.

These groups include:

  • The Development and Community Teams
  • Community Sites and Podcasts
  • Players

These releases, sadly, are not all of the content that was prepared for our magazine project. However, the content we plan to release is certainly the majority of the content. I’d like to personally apologize for the incredible delay in this and hope that you all enjoy taking a trip back down memory lane with us during the next few weeks.