FFXIV Sound Director Hopes For Orchestra Concerts Outside Of Japan

Today during the 35th Live Letter, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XIV Orchestra Convert 2017.

Taking place on September 23rd, and 24th later this year. The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by Hirofumi Kurita at Tokyo International Forum Hall A.

Two years ago at PAX West we had a chance to sit down with FFXIV Sound Director Masayoshi Soken and he ended up asking us a question:

Soken: Question for you! Which would you rather hear? Another Primals rock band live concert? Or an orchestral arrangement.

Gamer Escape: That’s a hard question! I Like both. For me I think of Primals and a fast paced fight and for me the rock music makes more sense. But I’d also like the orchestrated stuff at the same time.

Soken: I’m torn about it too.

Soken-san later went on to say:

There are so many venues in North America that have great sound and acoustics. My dream is to do both an orchestra and Primals rock band and so any sort of support, feedback or encouragement is greatly appreciated.

There are great venues in Japan too, but we can’t book them very often. In America there are just so many different venues and great places to perform so we could probably squeeze in much easier than the venues in Japan, so again, your support would be greatly appreciated.

…If there’s a great demand for it and a lot of fans voicing a desire for a performance to be done in that area I’m sure it’ll grab the attention of who needs to make that decision.

With today’s news that a Final Fantasy XIV Orchestra Concert is finally happening, I couldn’t resist sending a tweet over to Soken-san to let him know that we would love to see it come to North America. He replied, saying that if we request it enough, it would happen!

You heard the man! Hit up some of Square Enix’s official channels, especially the FFXIV Official Forums and let them know where you would love to see the orchestra concert appear outside of Japan!