FFXIV Content Creator Round-Up 4/16-4/22

It’s time to check out the latest releases from some Final Fantasy XIV Content Creators!



Episode 84 – Last Light

Gear Design Contest winners, Free Login Campaign returns, Patch 3.57 notes and discussion, LIVE Letter XXXV announced, Stormblood official site updates, Mr. Happy’s interview with Yoshida, and official forum post discussion. Yelta and Rubicon host.


Episode 33: Spoilers and the Future (audio) (video)

Shyn and Flattus sit down with long time friend and MMORPG lover Chuina to discuss what makes FFXIV an MMO worth playing. Does it hold up to others on the market? With news, community info, and more!


Episode 018 – Small Server Roleplayers

After exploring what it’s like on the big bad Balmung server, in this episode, we’re downsizing! Find out what it’s like to roleplay on servers where you might have never expected it to be. Hear from RPers from Adamantoise, Diabolos, and Famfrit as they share experiences both positive and negative, their successes and struggles with growing communities, and their hopes and wishes for future growth. Your hosts also discuss their own efforts on Lich as an inspiring small server RP success story.

We also reveal the winner of our latest giveaway for three Grand Company decals from Siben’s Sundries, and announce our upcoming first anniversary livestream on Twitch


Episode 69: We’re Back Bitches

Oh man is it good to be back. We had a great honeymoon but man did I miss podcasting. Thank you all for joining us for episode 69 of the SHIT podcast. We hope you enjoyed the Greenleaf episodes we had for you while we were on our honeymoon. Because of that there was a lot to go over this week.

We kick off this episode with a new FFXIV inspired cocktail called the Nero Negroni. Watch how to make it and let us know what you think of it once you make it.

We will get to the news later, but this week I created an alt, Vegan Butcher. I have to say I really enjoyed playing through the MSQ again as I had skipped a lot my first time through. I got to implement what we talked about in the Greenleaf special as well so that was cool. Avi did the final part of the MSQ this week and she does an amazing walk-through of it. You have to listen to it.

In the news we had a lot to talk about. They announced the winners of the latest gear design contest, as well as the winners of the Bright Eyed Superstars contest. Be sure to tell old players that have taken a break to take advantage of the come back campaign. We go over when the next Live Letter will be and what it will be about. Lastly we talk about the Patch 3.57 patch notes.

We hope you enjoyed the show. We’d love to have some emails to read so let us know what you though by emailing us [email protected] or tweet us @shehealsitank Cheers!




FFXIV PVP: Feasting Fridays (Day Two)

We’re back with day two of the feasting fridays. Today I decided to take a more educational look at the plays that were presented in the match. Again, try not to insult or bash any of the players involved. If you’re interested in participating in these matches on friday, hit me up on the balmung server at Garza Himura!


FFXIV Dragoon Controller Guide [WXHB Edition] [Level 60]

Dragoon is just a classic Final Fantasy job and happens to be one fun job to play in FFXIV. The dragoon has some very long combos and a lot of things to manage to make them very effective. Here is the controller guide, focused on the layout, double cross hotbar, and skill placement, trying to take as much advantage of the system as possible.