FFXIV Content Creator Round-Up 4/9-4/15

After a long weekend for those of us at Gamer Escape, it’s time to get back to somewhat normal operations.

We want to extend a sincere thank you to the content creators in the community that helped spread word of our security breach this past weekend and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support.

Now, on to the content!


Limit Break Radio

Episode 107 – An Astute Analysis (audio) (video)

The hosts analyze A Realm Reborn 2.x series versus Heavenwards 3.x series. What went right? What missed the mark? Where did things go wrong? And will Stormblood improve the world of Eorzea? The crew takes calls from around Eorzea and asks which expansions wins out for you and where you think the future of Eorzea is.

Maelstrom Radio

Episode 32: FFXIV vs. the World (audio) (video)

Shyn and Flattus sit down with long time friend and MMORPG lover Chuina to discuss what makes FFXIV an MMO worth playing. Does it hold up to others on the market? With news, community info, and more!

Moogle Go Round

Episode 25 – Spoiled Sports

It’s been 2 weeks since the end of the Heavensward story. Paul and Chille talk about the events of Patch 3.56, and what that means moving forward into Stormblood. There will be spoilers, you have been warned!

Phoenix Down Radio

Episode 41 – Forward or Back (audio) (video)

Scar Lit, the FFXIV community every-man, jumps in the guest spot this week as the crew discuss whether Heavensward content was a step forward or backward when compared to A Realm Reborn. Klauss talks about his experience at Anime Detour, and Chille keeps insisting he’s a jacketed potato, even though its not that cold out anymore!

She Heals I Tank

Episode 68: Greenleaf Special Part 2

Hey all of you out there in Eorzea, welcome back to She Heals I Tank. This is episode 68 of the SHIT podcast.

We are still on our honeymoon so this is a prerecorded episode that we did for all of you Greenleaf’s out there. This is part 2 of the Greenleaf special hopefully you enjoyed part 1. If you haven’t listened to it part one yet go listen to it now. Lots of good advice in it.

The goal of this was to have a road map for new people to get leveled and geared in time for the Stormblood launch. I’m sure we forgot some stuff but I’m pretty confident we got the big stuff in there for you. This is part 2 which covers leveling from 30 to 60 and the important things to unlock. We go over how to get geared and level 60 and then some stuff to go back and do if you still have time before Stormblood.

Let us know if this was helpful to you. We will be back live for the episode next week. We’d love to have some emails to read so let us know what you though by emailing us [email protected] or tweet us @shehealsitank Cheers!




FFXIV PVP: Feasting Fridays (Day One)

What’s up everyone! Today I’m going to show off a little event I’ve been doing on Balmung to get newbies into PvP in a friendly environment. I’d appreciate if you guys didn’t shame or bash folks in the video if you see something they’ve done wrong. Just watch and enjoy!



FFXIV’s story sure is somethin’ huh? Can’t believe they think I can actually do all that stuff!

Work To Game

FFXIV Have Raubahn & Ilberd been plotting together this whole time? [FFXIV Lore – Spoilers]

Warning, this video contains spoilers for the ending of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward and explorers the relationship between Ilberd and Raubahn. If you haven’t finished the story, and don’t want anything spoiled, please come back and check this out later.



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