FFXIV’s Daddy of Light Coming to Netflix in Japan and Worldwide

Today, it was announced via the twitter for Daddy of Light, that the show would be arriving on Netflix in Japan on April 20th. Additionally, the show will also see release worldwide this fall, meaning that players outside of Japan will be able to watch the show.

Everyone from the countryside, thank you for your feedback and thank you for waiting! Here’s extra information on Daddy of Light. It has been decided that it will be aired on Netflix globally. We are also creating scenes that revolve around in-game footage. It will be aired from Apr 20 in Japan. (planned to air this autumn for outside of Japan)

Daddy of Light is a television drama adaptation of a Japanese blog that tells the story of a son with a poor relationship with his father. He gives his dad a copy of Final Fantasy XIV and as his father plays, his son helps him in the game, without the father knowing his true identity.