The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, Square Enix hosted the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony in Tokyo.

We sent a member from our JP Staff to check out the event and bring us back some cool photos from the event. You can check out all of the information and images below.

One of the first announcements was the reveal of the 30th anniversary logo (above). Done of course, by Yoshitaka Amano.

The ceremony began with a performance of the crystal theme before Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix Executive Officer Shinji Hashimoto, Yoshitaka Amano, and Nobuo Uematsu walked onto the stage. Hironobu Sakaguchi was planned to be in attendance as well, however he was sick and instead, sent a short video message.

This new Cup Noodle collaboration is for the “Boss Collection” which will feature fifteen different Cup Noodle designs based on the bosses from each Final Fantasy title. There’s a special website online now for those who live in Japan. Out of everyone that places an order for the set, thirty will be selected to win the Ultima Fork! An eating utensil that isn’t practical in any way whatsoever. Our only hope is that someone might cosplay a Cup Noodle with an Ultima Fork in the future.

A Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary wine set with special glasses was also announced that will set you back ¥108,000. That’s just shy of $1,000. For those that don’t want to spend all of their money on a bottle of win, they have two, more affordable options. There are also Final Fantasy cakes that fans will be able to purchase.

Miniature Calendar is teaming up with Final Fantasy to produce a Miniature Final Fantasy Calender. We got a look at the first image from the calender, as well as an up close look of the shot in a display case at the venue.

Square Enix also revealed some special Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary merchandise that is now available on the Japanese estore. They had these items on display (a bag, clear file and mug), along with a special towel that attendees received. While we don’t know if these items will make it outside of Japan, the NA store is currently having a 30th Anniversary sale on select items.

A special 30th Anniversary Distant Worlds concert was announced, as well as a a Bra Bra performance with the Siena Wind Orchestra.

There was also a short video message from Distant Worlds Conductor, Arnie Roth. 

Afterwards, the presentation shifted over to news surrounding specific games in the series. Yoshinori Kitase, Naoki Yoshida, and Hajime Tabata arrived on stage.

Tabata revealed new information for upcoming Final Fantasy XV Content. The first DLC episode, Episode Gladio, will arrive on March 28th. The DLC story will focus on Gladiolus with a special appearance by Gilgamesh. Cor is also set to make an appearance during the story as an additional party member.

Before then however, FFXV will be seeing a Booster Pack DLC (available in both free and + versions for those with a Season Pass) that will see the introduction of the new invincible “Magitek Exosuit” items.

After Episode Gladio, we’ll be seeing the release of Episode Prompto sometime in June.

After the Final Fantasy XV news, it was time to move on. Next up was Final Fantasy XIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida. Yoshida mentioned the upcoming Stormblood expansion and said that there will be a lot of news coming out of the European Fan Fest in Frankfurt (which we’ll be covering!). He also touched a bit more on an announcement from the Tokyo Fan Fest, the TV Drama “Daddy of Light”. The show, whose story is taken from a Japanese blog, is about a son who gives his father a copy of Final Fantasy XIV. The relationship between the two is strained, and the son ends up helping his father in-game without the father knowing that it’s him.

Next up, the team behind Final Fantasy Brave Exvius took the stage. Revealing some new artwork from Yoshitaka Amano before talking about the recent collaboration with singer Ariana Grande. They also announced that Cloud would be making his way into Brave Exvius next week. It was also announced that there have been over 20 million downloads world wide for the title. To celebrate, there will be a special contest in the game where players have a chance to win in-game items or things like a Play Arts Kai figure.

Continuing with mobile games, it was revealed that Dissidia Opera Omnia would release February 1st for Japan. Sadly, at this time there’s currently no information on when we might see the game come to other regions.

Afterwards, there was talk of the Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration. Celebrating 10 million registered users and the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, there will be a special event with various in-game bonuses that will begin on March 7th, the day after Mobius releases on Steam.

Immediately following, brand new key art was released for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Closing out the talk of Final Fantasy series games was the announcement of the release date for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age alongside some lovely artwork from Akihiko Yoshida. The game will release in North America on July 11th for the PlayStation 4 and will feature a job progression system for the first time in the West.

The presentation then shifted over to Dragon Quest for a brief moment, announcing that Noctis would be making his way into the Itadaki Street game.
They announced that all of the attendees would a special FF 30th Anniversary Towel before closing the show. Before leaving though, the staff posed with the fans in attendance.

After the event, our JP Staffer Shishikura was able to snag a few pictures of some of the items they had on display at the event, including a new Lunafreya Play Arts Kai figure.