Sega Europe Registers Shenmue HD Domain

Shenmue – the incredibly ambitious forklift simulation series from the Dreamcast era.

Of course, it was much more then that – a series originally intending to span five or more games, chronicling the main character Ryo’s quest for vengence after his father’s murder. An open-world slice-of-life-esque game released before the genre came into popularity, the series managed to release two games before fizzling out due to lackluster sales.

Last year, a successful Kickstarter campaign officially funded a third entry in the series, which is currently in development. This in turn ignited renewed vigor amongst the fanbase for a remake of the original 18-year-old title.

Well, it seems a glimmer of hope has appeared on the horizon. A registration for the domain name “” has been discovered. While anyone can register a domain name, though, it’s the fact that the domain is owned by Sega Europe that makes this more interesting.

There’s no other information or announcements alongside this discovery, so for now, it stands as a newly ignited beacon of hope for series faithful that we’ll see Shenmue return, backed with the power of the newest console generation.

Screenshot by GameBerserk3r, sourced from GameFAQs.