Announcing the Final Fantasy XV Wiki and Launch Contest


Final Fantasy XV releases in a mere 15 days, and we here at Gamer Escape are super excited. The game has technically been in development for more than a decade, starting out as a spin off of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  In 2012 is was re-introduced as a main series entry: Final Fantasy XV.  Now, after all this time, the game is about to land on our doorsteps – and we can’t wait!  

In connection with the game, we’re excited to announce our very own Final Fantasy XV wiki! With more than a decade of experience making wikis for games – most notably Final Fantasy games – expanding to cover Final Fantasy XV made a lot of sense. We’ve been working behind the scenes creating templates that highlight what makes our wikis stand apart from other similar websites.  Our wikis allow anyone to add information, and makes it so that once the information is added once, it will be visible on all other related pages. Long gone are the days of a wiki with incomplete list of weapons because, while maybe a new sword was added, the various equipment lists were not.  

Based on the released previews, we’ve been able to create some templates and add some of the known information. Some of the early quests and hunts have been added, along with one or two items. But because Final Fantasy XV is not yet out – information is necessarily limited. Once the floodgates open we are looking to fill up the wiki with everything about the game. That’s where you – and the below contest – come in.

Gamer Escape’s Final Fantasy XV Wiki Contest

How to enter and how to increase your entries: Edit our Final Fantasy XV wiki and you are automatically entered. You must be registered and have a username on our wiki to enter. Each editor will have a “score” – which is a weighted formula which rewards both editing volume and editing unique pages. For those interested, the exact formula is as follows:

(Number of unique pages edited) + (2 * √ (Number of edits – Number of unique pages edited))

The top 50 scores can be seen on the Wiki’s contest page and your score can be viewed by saving {{#cscore: YOUR WIKI NAME  |score}} on your personal page.

When to enter:  Now. Starting now and continuing until December 31, 2016 (11:59 p.m. EST). While the game is not yet out, pages can be fleshed out now about the lore, the characters, and related information (i.e. Kingsglaive, Brotherhood, etc.).

How to win: Your score is the total number of entries you have. We will pick randomly from the number of entries. We will contact you via the e-mail you used to register and confirm your mailing address. You will have 48 hours to reply to our email in order to claim your prize. If we do not hear from a winner within those 48 hours we reserve the right to pick a new winner.

What you can win:

3rd Place – A Final Fantasy XV digital season pass (PS4 or Xbox One)

2nd place – the above plus an exclusive “Regalia-themed” Xbox One controller skin

1st place –  all of the above plus an exclusive FFXV t-shirt (from PAX West) signed by Hajime Tabata.



 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Gamerescape and Telatexo LLC shall have no liability, howsoever arising, in relation to this contest or the prize, including without limitation liability in respect of personal injury and/or any loss or damage to property.  Terms & Conditions: No purchase necessary. The prizes are as stated and cannot be modified. There are no alternative prizes or cash substitutes. Decisions as to the winners and/or any decisions to disqualify any entrant are made by Gamerescape and/or Telatexo LLC are final and not subject to appeal or review.