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The Lore Train: Identifying the Dead (Part 2)

1 Nov 2016

Lore Train - Identifying the Dead 2 - Cover

The Palace of the Dead has been expanded, and so too has the list of departed NPCs who’ve made an appearance in its depths. Join us once again as we delve into the backstories of the lost!

Forgotten the past? Catch up with Part One before moving on!
(We were right, by the way. It was totally Jakys Ryder.)

A small number of these identifications are based on inconclusive screenshots. That a ninja-edit might be required to fix an erroneous ID after better screenshots are acquired is a remote but definite possibility. As always, please feel free to report any errors, grammatical or canonical. Sickness must be purged!

Una Tayuun, Satzfloh, and Percevains


“I finally remember…who I am…” Bloated Conjurer

“Una… Percevains… Where did you…?” Bloated Archer

“We must…protect…the Waking Sands…” Bloated Pugilist

This trio was among the established members of Minfilia’s organization, the Path of the Twelve, in Version 1.0. Though at the time they came off as dismissive of the newly come adventurer, they maintained their loyalty to the organizationand each otherto the very end. Una Tayuun arrives at the Waking Sands’ new location in Vesper Bay early in the story, frustrated that she can barely remember her own past, and more frustrated to find that no one seems to remember her at all. By the time the Warrior of Light slays the primal Ifrit, Una has reunited with her long-lost friends, but all three would later perish in the raid on the Scions’ base led by Livia sas Junius.

Inquisitor Guillaime


“The dragons will…rend you…asunder…” Insistent Inquisitor

This false inquisitor had infiltrated the respected ranks of Ishgard and sought to sow discord from within, levying false accusations and sending good men and women to their deaths. When he turned these machinations on Francel de Haillenarte, Haurchefant Greystone of House Fortemps besought the Warrior of Light to clear his friend’s good name, leading to the unveiling of the heretic’s schemes and his death by Ishgardian steel.



“I…I’ve been…executed!?” Moldering Merchant

Ungust was an unscrupulous merchant and human trafficker from Thanalan, first encountered harassing a desperate damsel in Ul’dah and later found posing as a priest to abduct the downtrodden and sell them to the Amalj’aa for tempering by their primal deity. After a failed operation by the Immortal Flames to dismantle this abduction ring, the soldiers, the Warrior of Light, and Ungust himself are presented as sacrifices to the Lord of the Inferno. However, when the Echo protects the adventurer from Ifrit’s influence, the primal is slain and Ungust is put to the sword with the rest of the unfortunate souls bound to the Ifrit’s will.

Codename Hummingway


“Ala Mhigo, it…it burns…” Emaciated Engineer

Codename Hummingway was an Eorzean spy within the XIVth Legion of the Garlean Imperial Army, serving at Castrum Occidens in La Noscea. In the 5th year of the Seventh Umbral Era, the legion once again moved to conquer Eorzea in earnest, but just as Hummingway confirmed this was he struck down by Nero tol Scavea, having been tipped off by the Frumentarii (Garlean Intelligence).

Teledji Adeledji


“No… Stay back! Not again!” Mortifying Magnate

Teledji Adeledji was a member of the Syndicate and owner of the Platinum Mirage casino. After the Calamity, dwindling profits led him to attempt to claim the Omega Weapon (an Allagan monstrosity buried beneath Cartenau Flats) in a grand scheme that spun out of his control after the attempted assassination of sultana Nanamo Ul Namo, which led to his swift execution at the hands of an enraged Raubahn Aldynn.

Eolande Quiveron


“Damielliot, please… Open your eyes…” Putrid Plutocrat

The former head of Frondale’s Phrontistery, this ex-Syndicate member was thought to have perished in the Calamity. Rumours have circulated ever since that she was actually assassinated by rival monetarists, but this has never been proven. She calls out for Damiellot, son of the former guildmaster Faustigeant, who was under the Phrontistery’s care due to a mysterious sleeping sickness that lasted most of his childhood. (Could she have been his mother…?)

Livia sas Junius


“Lord Gaius… I’m coming…” Jaundiced Tribunus

Orphaned as a child, she was separated from her sister Lucia and taken under the care of Gaius van Baelsar, a family friend. As she grew into adulthood, she began to see Gaius as more than an adoptive parent and joined the military to remain close toand pleasehim. During the Eorzean campaign, she led the attack on the Waking Sands that saw many Scions of the Seventh Dawn mercilessly slaughtered. During the final stages of Operation Archon, she perished defending the gates of the Praetorium against the Warrior of Light, unwilling to bear the thought of having Lord van Baelsar taken from her.

Rhitahtyn sas Arvina


“Lord van Baelsar… Even in death…I serve…” Flyblown Praefectus

After Rhitahtyn’s homeland was conquered by a Garlean campaign led by Gaius van Baelsar, he watched as the Empire’s order led his people to an age of peace and stability. Truly believing that the world would be better off under Imperial rule, he joined the XIVth Legion to earn his citizenship and was eventually raised to the position of Praefectus Castorum, the highest position a non-Garlean can achieve, under the Black Wolf himself. Despite his brilliance as a field tactician, however, not all trueborn Garleans were willing to respect the Roegadyn on merit alone, as was the Legatus. Yet even face to face with the Warrior of Light, the Roegadyn did not flinch from his duty, and he was struck down at Cape Westwind in the final days of Operation Archon.

Captain Madison


“No! I can’t die… Not like this…” Half-cracked Captain

Madison was the captain of a Serpent Reaver crew out of western La Noscea, near the Sahagin spawning grounds themselves. His base, once a hideout of the legendary pirate Mistbeard himself, could be accessed from the sea or through the Sastasha seagrot until the area was purged in one of the Warrior of Light’s first adventures. For this failure, Madison’s was tempered by Leviathan to such a frequency and degree that their corporeal forms became twisted and they took on forms akin to creatures of the sea. Even in death he bears this kraken-like visage.



“SLAVES… NO MORE…!” — Gangrenous Gigant

Ouranos was the father of Gyges the Great, a leader amongst the hecatonchiers whose ancestors—slaves of Ul’dah’s Thorne Dynasty—had been trapped inside the Copperbell Mines since an uprising three centuries past, whereby the magicked helms that once controlled them ceased to function. Ul’dah would have been content to have these sins forgotten until the horrifying revelation that the hecatonchiers—and their rage—yet survived. In one of the Warrior of Light’s early adventurers, many of these pitiful gigants (including Gyges) were finally put out of their misery in a mission to secure Copperbell once more. Regretfully, however, several of those who answered the call of the Adventurers’ Guild lost their lives in the attempt (see: Dolorous Bear, Kikina, & E’manafa in Part 1), and not long thereafter did a horde of hecatonchiers led by Ouranos emerge from the darkest recesses of the mines to take their revenge.

Symond the Unsinkable


“Dyin’ a third time… Forgive me, Diamanda…” Sunken Captain

Symond was the brother of the smith Diamanda, who is currently working to restore Pharos Sirius. His sister long believed that he was simply lost at sea, as the Maelstrom (and Mimidoa) had kept his fate secret. However, once the Warrior of Light purged the siren from the lighthouse, the truth was revealed: his soul had been claimed by the creature and forced to live as one of her undead minions.

The Black Eft


“I must find…the Black Eft…” Corrupted Centurion

The Black Eft was the name of a Magitek Reaper that acted as the first boss of Castrum Meridianum. Its pilot was slain in battle with the Warrior of Light during the final stages of Operation Archon.

Chlodebaimt de Haillenart

No known image.

“Laniaitte… Francel… I wish you all…” Necrose Knight

The third son of House Haillenarte, who perished shortly after the Calamity in the battle for Steel Vigil against Svara and Safat. His honorable sacrifice allowed some of his men to escape with their lives. I don’t believe he was ever seen in-game, so an image may not be forthcoming.

Black Marketeer

No full-sized image available.

“Gyahahaha! <wheeze>
The dark returns…to dark…” Blackening Marketeer

The black marketeer was a minor NPC in the Rogue story arc. This eccentric information broker was murdered by a rogue faction of the Bloody Executionersone of the three great pirate crews of Limsa Lominsaafter becoming entangled in their assassination attempt of Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn.

Data collection shout-outs to Rabla Andrews, Rocl Montaigne, S’yahn Tia, Edhe’li Merwyn, Luna Ariana, Celie Lothaire, Robin Icebrand, Zohar Lahar, Iieha Beautemps, and Rin Farodis!