The Nonary Games Announced for PS4 and Vita


For fans of the Zero Escape series, we finally got our long-awaited conclusion to the trilogy earlier this year with Zero Time Dilemma. The game was released across a multitude of systems (Vita, 3DS, and PC via Steam), and was heavily marketed to series newcomers as well, despite featuring a story that relies so strongly on previous series entries.

For those introduced to the series with the third installment, console options to play the previous games are a bit more limited. The second game, Virtue’s Last Reward, was made available only for 3DS and Vita, so PC gamers are out of luck there. The first game, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, was a DS exclusive, cutting off Vita players.

Luckily for these people, though, Aksys made an announcement today for a new title: The Nonary Games.

Announced by Aksys’ Sales and Marketing Manager Danny Miscevich on the PlayStation Blog, this new title will combine the first two Zero Escape games into one package, for release on PS4 and Vita. Through this package, Vita owners can now play the entire series, and PS4 players have their first chance to try these titles out.

New to this package as well is an updated version of 999, featuring HD graphics and dual audio (the original DS release was unvoiced).

But what about PC players? While the official announcement does not make mention of a PC release, an official page for the game is posted on the Steam store…so it’s very likely PC gamers will be seeing the whole Zero Escape saga on their machine of choice as well.

The Nonary Games is set for release in Spring 2017.