World of Final Fantasy Mirage Descriptions Are Best Descriptions


World of Final Fantasy releases today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. We posted our review last night, but I felt like I needed another post. These Mirage descriptions are fantastic and warrant some attention outside of our review.

Let’s take a look at some of these sillly things! And remember, these have been taken through the first 20 or so hours of gameplay, so if you don’t want to know what kind of Mirages await you in your journey through Grymoire, stay way… for now.

During my time with the game I’ve collected quite a few Mirages, however the ones listed below had such incredible descriptions that I just had to screenshot them and share them. This game you guys… this game! Here are my favorites… so far!

A dragon-like Mirage with three heads, each of which spits a different type of flame. Its name is not, in fact, short from Greg the Huge Industrially Designed Roasting Apparatus, but you can call it Greg if you want. Somebody break out the marshmallows! Greg’s here!


A marine menace that lurks near Grymoire’s shores. Some say that it looks as graceful as an angel when it swims… but we prefer to describe it as a nightmarish sock puppet with teeth. Also, cancel this thing’s gym membership right now.


A most lengedary beast with a single corn-er, horn adorning its forhead. Also known as the “spear horse.” Insane, but- if you can get close enough, the horn doubles as a coat rack in an emergency.


A sea dragon that excels at water attacks and commands a powerful Tsunami abililty. It even knows how to swim on land. Try doing that in your backyard.


A towering Mirage made of a rare metal. Capable of taking a beating, and strong as well. Mythril is harder than steel, so fist-bumping is not recommended.


This mimic relative gleams and glitters in the light. Its pigtails are actually extendable drills. Considering its faux chest-bits are made of solid gold, you could probably cash it in for more than whatever else you thought was inside… But mimics have feelings. They aren’t yours to sell!  – Mimic Civil Liberties Union


A Mirage with a truly astounded abillity to evade attacks. Its jerky movements may lead you to think that our animators are lazy, or that your frame rate has taken a sudden dive, but we can assure you that there is nothing wrong with us or your hardware, thank you.


This crazy crockery excels at support, but its attacks leave something to be desired. Untrue fact: the creators agonized for years over what to call the magic pot’s successor: the magic casserole dish, the magic dutch over… Ultimately “jar” turned out to the be least… er, jarring.


An aqautic Mirage with a short temper that regularly attacks swimmers. Plans to one day star in its own movie, Chomper 2: The Sharqual. There is no part one.


One body, twice the lizard! Rap battles  itself regularly, but always loses. That’s because it spits so much poison on the mic, it melts.

With hundreds of Mirage’s in World of Final Fantasy, there are sure to be more fantastic Mirage descriptions. If you find any you like, make sure to share them in the comments below!