FFXIV Duality Album Track List & In-Game Bonuses Revealed


The website for the upcoming FFXIV arrangement album Duality has been updated with a full track list as well as the in-game items that will be granted to those that pick up the initial print run of the album.

Those that pick up the album will receive a code for Orchestion rolls for the piano version of Borderless and the band arrangement version of Unbending Steel.

Those that attended or watched the Fan Fest 2016 stream of the Las Vegas event got a glimpse of the tracks that will be on the album when it releases on December 7th. It is currently available for pre-order on the Square Enix store.



  • Imagination
  • Painted Foodhills
  • Borderless
  • Ominous Prognisticks
  • Heroes
  • Night in the Brume

Band Arrangement

  • Unbreakable
  • Revenge Twofold
  • Unbending Steel
  • Imagination
  • Fiend
  • Heroes
  • Locus
  • Sevokevo

    I am forgetting what primals or areas these songs are for as I don’t have all the actual song names memories except for Fiend. I can guess Locus is Ravana and Unbending Steel is the Alexander theme… but can’t remember the rest.

    • Croweye

      Unbending Steel is Ravana’s theme
      Locus is Alexander

      • Sevokevo

        What about the rest of them?

        • niwaar

          Unbreakable – Fractal Continuum
          Unbending Steel – Ravanna
          Imagination – Aetherochemical Research Facility
          Fiend – Sephirot
          Heroes – Thordan
          Locus – Gordias/Alexander (ie not a12)

          As for Revenge Twofold, well my guess it would be Revenge of the Horde – Nidhogg Phase 2. Meaning “Phase 2” was mistranslated.

        • diaknia

          Revenge Twofold is actually the new dungeon boss theme in 3.4, currently used for final bosses of Xelphatol and Gubal HM dungeons.

  • Mealmightyme .

    Painted Food hills lel