Final Fantasy XIV Day 2 – Koji Lore: Q&A

After discussing the beautiful elements of his new lore book, we get to Koji’s Q&A. He’s answered a few select questions from our audience, with a promise to answer more later on.

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Question 1:


A: Well, it seems that they’re not the same at all (and not just their gender). Koji says that the party in the trailer and the Warriors of Darkness are two different parties. The black-mage looking character in the Warriors of Darkness party is actually a magus because he originates from a parallel yet differently developed world.

Question 2:


A: It seems that because the 13 different worlds split off from the Source, they began to develop independently, so things that may seem similar are not. In each of these worlds there are differences resulting from lack of contact, and therefore language and concepts will be different as well.  In Warrior of Darkness’s world, there are names like Magus, Knight and Devotee for their jobs instead of similar jobs to us like Black Mage, Paladin and White Mage (Koji notes these are also taken from Final Fantasy III for those who’d like to know). Apparently the names of the characters are also different, where a Lalafell name might be used for a Roegadyn or vise versa.

Question 3:


A: According to Koji the Garuda’s actually buy the Lore Book here, on sale Monday! Seriously though, Koji didn’t answer at all on this one. Apparently it’s part of the content in the Lore Book.

Question 4:


A: Apparently Oda-san uses a ridiculous amount of books to base his nomenclature off of, but if he had to narrow it down to one, it would be: Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and MythHe’s used it almost every day since he joined the FFXIV team! He also gets a lot of his ideas from Science Fiction novels, in particular the Ender Wiggin Saga (also known as the Ender’s Game series). He cites the second book, Speaker for the Dead for his inspiration on the Gnath lore and quests. He notes that he does like Ice and Fire, but cites a Japanese book by Tomoko Inuishi, Scribe of Sorceryas his favorite fantasy book (Unfortunately, it does seem that Koji is correct here in saying that there is no current English translation of the book.). In the book, various different types of magic are described: magic from inscriptions, imbued in stones, drawn from corpses, contained in ceramic (Naruto, anyone?), and the logic behind the magic is rather unique, helping Oda-san to come up with various spells and actions.

Question 5:


A: Koji says that all the dragoons jumped away from battle. Possibly…hitting the camera? Uh-huh. Moving on.

Question 6:


A: Much of Hydaelyn has been rediscovered in more recent years after it was forgotten in the calamity, but there are still places like Azys Lla or other hard-to-get-to areas that may yet be hidden.  Then there are also places like Myracidia, which is still uncharted because of the residents’ hostility toward outsiders. Apparently, when anyone tries to get near, the inhabitants fend them off making it very hard to get any information on that part of the world.

Question 7:


A: According to Koji, whenever someone drops out of the syndicate, a selection process starts which is overseen by the sultana herself (in this case, Nanamo); however, because of the tense atmosphere between her and the syndicate, she’s weighing her options at the moment. Should she start the selection process and allow history to repeat itself, or should she dissolve the syndicate and possibly make many, many enemies? Things aren’t certain yet.

Question 8:


A: Koji gives one preview from the enormous Lore Book for this one. It’s hard for a tail or horn to be removed, they don’t periodically fall off and regrow like deer antlers. They grow continuously up to a certain size. They won’t get super long like that Indian guy’s fingers nails in the Guinness Book of Records, though. If damaged during a fall or in battle, the horns will slowly regrow until they once again reach the maximum length. The horns are hollow, which aid the Au Ra in hearing. Is their hearing better than the Lalafell’s, which is supposedly the best hearing of all five races? No, their hearing is just as good as a normal Hyur, but the way they perceive and process sound is different. There’s more in the Lore book!

Question 9:


A: From 1.0? He’s staying silent on this one. It’s not because he doesn’t want to, but because it’ll be in Stormblood!

Question 10:


A: Koji says that when viewed on the map, the Sunway goes East to West, following the path of the sun, while the Starway goes from South to North, following the path of the stars. But why are the roads still there, especially after the Calamity? What about everyone that hated the Allagan? The people that remained after the Calamity destroyed the leftover technology and architecture, but the roads were left behind as they are useful and important for travel and commerce. After lasting thousands of years, these roads are still in great condition!

Question 11:


A: Koji says it’s a really good idea, but won’t reveal anything EXCEPT that it will be included in 4.0 as a new quest line!

Question 12:


A: Koji mentions that Oda-san personally things that this is a great idea, but wants to take it a step further. They want to give Raubahn a gun-type arm attachment, akin to Barret from FFVII. He personally prefers a solid gold hand, but asks for the audience’s opinion. Perhaps Raubahn will start talking like Mr. T.

Question 13:


A: Puppies? Kittens? Oda-san apparently spent a lot of time mulling over this question and it’s got him stumped! He didn’t want to chose, but if he had to chose one, he’s a kitten guy! But, he currently has both a pet cat and dog at home, as well as fish, hamsters, ferrets… Oda-san is a serious animal lover!

There were over one hundred questions, but the team will go through each one and answer them over time on the FFXIV Forums sometime soon. So please look forward to it.

The Lore Book

The Lore Book has apparently sold out that day, but don’t fret! The Lore Book will also go on sale on the Square Enix store here on Monday, so make sure to pick a copy up! Just in case you didn’t see it earlier in the article.

Happy Year of the Cock!


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