Head On With Resident Evil 7


During my time at PAX West I finally got a chance to sit down and see Resident Evil 7 in PlayStation VR- a task that was neigh impossible during this year’s E3 because of how popular the title was.

At the show, Capcom was showing the Kitchen demo. This demo was shown before Resident Evil 7 had even been announced and so it was being shown again for people that may not of had time to check it out previously.

I found myself in a room with a video camera pointed directly at me. My hands were tied and I couldn’t move (this whole demo had me stationary, only giving me the option to look around, thus the “head on” as opposed to “hands on”… get it?). There was a man on the ground, his hands also bound- he got up and came over to me, attempting to cut me out of my restraints as an extremely creepy, monstrous woman came from down the hall into the kitchen. He was knocked away as the woman came up to me, stabbing me in the leg with the long knife, blood spattering onto my face. Really up to me. She stared into my eyes with the knife pointed directly at me. Suddenly, my partner in survival jumped her from behind, however, he was stabbed repeatedly and the woman dragged him off camera down the hall. I could hear sounds… very bad sounds coming from down the hall as an object was thrown down it, bouncing into the kitchen.

Yep. It was his head. This wasn’t going to end well for me.

For the next minute or so I could hear sounds. I knew she was coming. I could hear her. I turned my head frantically, hoping that maybe I could see her before she snuck up on me and gave me a terrifying VR jump scare. However, the creators of the demo must have anticipated this and no matter where I was looking, the result was going to be the same. Suddenly, two, blood soaked hands slowly wrapped around my head from behind.

She was here.

Suddenly, she appeared upside down from above me and no matter where I turned my head, she stayed right in front of me before she finally lashed forward with the knife and… ended the demo.

I’m a bit odd when it comes to games like this. I’ve enjoyed Resident Evil ever since I was first exposed to the series around the release of the third game. I love The Walking Dead. I do not however, enjoy horror movies. Having Resident Evil 7 move to this first person perspective, makes the game seem like it belongs solely in the horror genre as opposed to previous titles in the series when considering the more action based gameplay introduced in Resident Evil 4. The demo was definitely frightening and I find myself wondering if this new style of Resident Evil is going to be something I’ll enjoy, or something I’ll be too afraid to play.

For those into scary, horror stuff- this game is going to be incredible.