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Hands & Head On With Rick And Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality

5 Sep 2016


During my time at PAX, I headed over to the popular Adult Swim booth to check out their latest offerings. Among them  was the Owlchemy Labs developed Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-Ality for the HTC Vive. You read that right, Rick and Morty VR!

Coincidentally, this was also my first time experiencing the HTC Vive.

The demo starts out in Ricks garage and there I am standing with Rick and Morty in a scene that looks like it could have been pulled right from the TV show. I’m a Morty clone with an important task: do Rick’s laundry. He holds out a basket in front of me, full of disgusting looking underwear as take a few steps up, reach my hands down and pick up each piece of laundry as I drop them into the washing machine and hit the button to turn it on.

Suddenly, something is wrong, Rick and Morty need to go “take care of something”. I’m to remain in the lab, and most importantly, I’m not to touch anything.

Rick and Morty disappear through a portal and I immediately move to the corner, checking out everything there is on the counter. I’m able to pick up various bottles (mostly of the alcholoic variety) and pour them out. There are some empty beakers on the counter so of course, I try to pour the bottles into the beaker. It totally works, and I can’t help but be impressed.

As I make my way down the counter I come across a bottle of pills. I take the bottle in one hand and take the cap off with another. Two large horse pills fall out onto the counter and for some reason I think “Let’s try to take one!” I grab a pill off the counter and hold it up to where my virtual Morty clone mouth would be and “chomp” It takes a bite right out of the pill.

It was then, that for the first time, I threw up. In virtual reality.

Shortly after, Rick and Morty come back into the garage, yelling at me to pull a lever. I then walk through one of Rick’s portals where he shows me a big logo floating in space and announces they’re making a virtual reality game.

This was by far the funniest VR experience I’ve checked out and it’s sure to give Rick and Morty fans a great time.