Suda51 Interested in Remastering More of His Past Work


The first game created by Goichi Suda’s (aka Suda51) studio Grasshopper Manufacture, The Silver Case, is set to receive a PC remaster this Fall, also marking the first English release for the game. Earlier today at PAX West, Suda led a panel discussing this upcoming release, along with the importance of preserving older games and software.

While discussing what went into porting The Silver Case to PC from its original PS1 incarnation, Suda went on to mention a couple of his other titles that he would be interesting in remastering and porting in the future.

The first, and the one that received an uproar of applause from the audience, was Killer7. Being his first game to receive a release outside of Japan, the title has a significant cult following, despite receiving mixed reviews. Suda did go on to say that this is in no way a confirmation that a remaster is in the works, or even being considered at the moment. Rather, he hopes that The Silver Case‘s port will do well enough to justify looking into remastering the title.

Along the same lines, Suda also said he would be interested in remastering and porting The 25th Ward, a followup to The Silver Case for mobile devices released back in 2005 and currently Japan-exclusive. Unlike the Killer7 hope, though, creating a remaster of The 25th Ward was confirmed as a definite possibility depending on the success of The Silver Case.

Suda closed out this part of the panel by mentioning that he has never played the retail release of The 25th Ward, due to it not receiving a release on the mobile network he was subscribed to at the time, thus the interest in remastering it.