Letter From The Producer Live XXXI


During the 14 hour anniversary broadcast, Yoshida gave us a glimpse at what’s coming up in Patch 2.4 dropping next month. We’ve copied everything from the official forums below as well as a few other things that we tweeted out during our coverage!

Presenting FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 3.4 – Soul Surrender!

Set to arrive on September 27, 2016!



New Main Scenario Quests

The main scenario quests will revolve around a certain pair of siblings and there will be different lines of text based on whether or not you have beaten the Coil of Bahamut. Please try to beat this content before Patch 3.4 goes live!

New side quests will be added.

Scholasticate Quests / Further Hildibrand adventures / Anima weapon story quests (Patch 3.45)


Battle System Updates

Recast Time Reset Upon Wipe
When challenging raids and trials, timers will now be reset upon the party being wiped out. However, if we find instances of this being abused in any way to take advantage of a battle, then we may disable this feature.

Auto-attack System Changes
Currently when playing as a melee DPS, auto-attacks are executed while standing within 3m and facing within 90 degrees of your target. Since it’s easy for gaps to develop in DPS values because of this, we will be changing the way this functions so that auto-attack are executed for the range requirement only. The angle requirement will be removed and you will be able to execute auto-attacks regardless of where you’re facing.

Changes to Face Targeting System
The face target feature will become inaccessible while moving. This is in order to remove difference between different platforms. For casters, if the enemy moves your character will face the direction of the target’s current position. However, in situations where you need to face away from the target, players will not be able to simply turn around due to the auto-attack changes, therefore, you would either need to sheathe your weapon, or cancel targeting.

Certain Trials will be added to the Raid Finder
The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign will be added to the raid finder.

Addition of a Countdown Feature
There are players who use macros to count down before fights, but we are introducing an actual feature for this. You’ll be able to set it up to a maximum of 30 seconds and below 5 seconds each second thereafter will be shown. To make sure this does not interrupt anything for those using macros, it will not be shown in the chat log.


New Raid Dungeon

The new raid dungeon “Alexander: The Creator,” and “Alexander: The Creator (Savage)” will be released.
This will conclude the Alexander series.


New Trials

The Warring Triad – Sophia, the Goddess
Containment Bay P1T6 and Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme) will be added.
This is the second installment of the Warring Triad series. We’ve put a lot of effort into the graphics, and we’re hoping to show it off during the Tokyo Game Show 2016!


New Dungeons

Xelphatol and The Great Gubal Library (Hard Mode)


PvP Updates


Duel mode
It will be possible to battle 1 on 1 against each other in a public area located at the Wolves’ Den Pier. You’ll be able to request a match via a menu subcommand, and when accepted a countdown will start and the the battle will begin. We hope you can have fun with this for community events and while waiting for the Feast matches.

Custom Match
Two teams of 4 players will be able to engage in a custom match by having the party leader from one group request a match with the other party.

Spectator Mode
This mode is to allow players the ability to spectate matches. You would be able to spectate from a viewpoint of the player engaging in the match. This feature has been developed so it can be used for official use, so there may be parts that may be difficult to control at the beginning, but is planned to be updated, so please give it a try!


Deep Dungeon – Palace of the Dead Updates

We’ll be adding in a concept revolving around scores and will also be adding in a ranking system.
In Patch 3.45 we’ll also be introducing floors 51-200, and the story of Palace of the Dead will continue up through floor 100. Floors 100-200 will be grind-focused elements.

We’ll be reflecting everyone’s feedback in Deep Dungeon 2.


Grand Company Updates

Squadrons will be a type of simulation content that can be enjoyed solo, and it will involve assembling volunteers and creating a squad. We’ll gradually be adding content that you can enjoy by bringing along your squadron.

New Grand Company ranks are also coming with the patch!


New Features Planned for Patch 3.4


Wondrous Tails

Everyone’s favorite Miqo’te child from Idyllshire is involved with this content. Adventurers will tell tales of their adventure to her in order for her to create something. Take a look at the screenshot and envision what kind of content this will be!
Gold Saucer Updates

Triple Triad
We’ll be adding a specialized room for each data center.
You’ll be able to move to this room from the Duty Finder and then battle each other.

Lord of Verminion
This will now be supported by the Duty Finder

Jumbo Cactpot
You will be able to purchase up to three Jumbo Cactpot cards with different numbers each week.


Housing Updates

Introduced in the past, this apartment-style housing will cost 500,000 gil for a room.

There will also be a shared space in the apartment building. While there will be no garden, there is a chocobo stable.

This took a while to implement as it is difficult to implement transparent objects in an MMO. There are different sized aquariums. The larger the aquarium, the more fish you will have. We’re planning to increase the types of fish that can be put inside them.

We’ll be adding a playlist feature to the Orchestrion.

New Furnishings
There will be wall hanging cabinets and Calca and Brina dolls.


Additional Updates

Exploratory Missions
We will be changing the matching requirements and changing the exchange rate for spoils. For those of you who currently possess spoils, please exchange them before Patch 3.4. Additionally, we will be adding item level 235 equipment.

Additional updates:
A new Allagan tomestone will be added.

This time, we are introducing weapons that can undergo advanced materia melding.

Aside from this, we’re adding a role-play status icon, and players will be able to use a hyphen in their character names.


Double Cross Hotbar
Lead UI artist Minagawa was invited to the broadcast from this segment forward.

This feature is somewhat complex in nature as it for players who quickly wish to use multiple actions.

In order to turn this feature on, you would first need to open the XHB Custom window in the Character Configuration, and turn on the “Enable WXHB” setting.

It’s possible to use this at the same time as the expanded cross hotbar.
(The feature was shown off during the stream with live gameplay.)

Constant display of the double cross hotbar
By accessing the cross hotbar tab of the Character Config, you can turn on constant display of the double cross hotbar. (Steps shown in the stream.)

In order to easily see which input you’re currently in, it’s possible to make other hotbars transparent. You will be able to adjust this using the non-active XHB transparency slider. We recommend having this set to around 30 to 50% transparency. This adjustment can also be applied to the cross hotbar as well.

Additionally, for those who become familiar with this, there are settings that will make it so help text and guides are not displayed. You will be able to increase the double cross hotbar from 4 to 8, so if the initial settings aren’t enough for you, give it a try. You’ll also be able to modify the display placement of the double cross hotbar by enabling this through the config and then changing the placement via the HUD layout feature.

Yoshida: We felt that if this setting was turned on by default, it would be too complicated for new players, therefore by default we have it set so that the WXHB will be displayed at the same position where the XHB is set to.

Even if you set it so you do not use the double cross hotbar, if you turn the constant display of it on, it will still be displayed on screen.

Furthermore, you will be able to calibrate the queue timing for the WXHB input timing. Depending on the gamepad you use, the pressure of the button may be different, so please adjust the calibration to match your gamepad.

Yoshida: Based on feedback, we also added the option to move double cross hotbar inputs to the cross hotbar.


Additionally, at the end of the Live Letter we got a look at a brand new piece of merchandise! An Odin statue! It will go for 12,800 Yen, come with a /Zantetsuken emote, and first be available at the NA Fan Fest!

We also were finally shown what the in-game outfits will be that those attending Fan Fest or purchasing the Fan Fest streams will be receiving! It’s Tidus and Yuna!

Of course, while not part of the Live Letter, we have to mention what Oda-san brought to the beginning of the 14 hour broadcast to show everyone…

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